Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Watch the beauty ... the mac (not the guy)

Here's a man who recently won a "new never opened" 20th Anniversary Mac on eBay - showing the unboxing on YouTube. I bid in this auction - but I own one - so I wasn't too upset I lost. The guy paid a HUGE premium for it - going for $8000.00.

I have modded mine with an internal wireless bridge, a G3 400 processor, and DVD/CDRW combo drive. One day I might film how to do those mods.

For now enjoy this ...


I am a lover of children's literature said...

Wow! I always loved and must admit, lusted for one of these beauties!

Well, if its not bad enough that you have a better blog than I, now I must contend that you have an Anniversary Mac! Life can be so unfair, can it not?

Life sucks!

Just kidding, and thanks for posting the vid, its awesome!

Paul Douglas said...

I love that computer. Very cool.

So jealous >_<

Anonymous said...

Wow. and I mean WOW. Some people... just have too much money and time. Oooo! Look! it's still taped up! Jeez. Get a life.