Wednesday, May 07, 2008

No More Hollywood 20 For Me... Regal Cinemas Buys Consolidated Cinemas - Cherrydale 16 in Greeenville SC

In case anyone locally to me is wondering or can't find the information ... Cherrydale Cinemas (also called Cherrydale Stadium 16) which used to be a movie theater owned by Consolidated Theaters has been bought out by Regal Cinemas.

The deal was made in January 2008 and took effect on March 25th 2008.

Cherrydale Cinemas will convert your "Movie Rewards" punch card into Regal Crown Club Rewards points - just see the management at Cherrydale Cinemas for more details.

The Pros

The disturbance remotes will soon be at another theater
• Combined rewards
• Consolidated Theaters are in more convenient locations
• Regal Cinemas have Entertainment Book Coupons that yield $7 tickets

The Cons:

• Higher ticket prices
• No competition in many markets (creating a monopoly)

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Anonymous said...

Hollywood 20 has really let itself go; their seats are uncomfortable, their decor is aging, and its just not as enjoyable of an experience as the Cherrydale theatre.

Unfortunately, we're living in an era where it is harder and harder for smaller theatre chains to make it. The larger chains can make better deals and exercise more control. I hope that Regal will continue to try to improve their business and will not let the lack of competition dampen any drive to improve.