Tuesday, May 27, 2008

eBay's definition of a word isn't the same as yours (or anybody else's)

Just a few days ago .... eBay started integrating the new changes to feedback that were promised by mid-year. Most of the changes are good ones - that will help decrease retaliation.

But ... when I logged into eBay to see how my auctions were doing; I noticed that my feedback percentage had gone from 99.5% to 99.3%!! I couldn't figure out why.

This change wasn't mentioned in ANY forum about the NEW feedback system, nor is it mentioned in the USER AGREEMENT or description about how feedback is calculated. That change?

* Actual eBay page indicating neutrals don't affect feedback

A neutral feedback comment now counts as a negative on your record. In my opinion ... a neutral is a "0" ... not a "-1".

If eBay wanted to make neutrals count against a record, it should be for every 3 neutrals received a "-1" is deducted from your percentage. This would make sense mathematically; as it would take 3 positives to bring a "-1" back to a positive number.

I can find no definition of the word neutral that means "negative".

neutral (as in "person") n. : one who does not side w/ any party in a war or dispute

neutral (as in "neutral") adj. : neither moral nor immoral; neither good nor evil, right nor wrong

neutral (as in "impersonal") adj. : having no personal preference; "a neutral observer"

neutral (as in "inert") adj. : (chemistry) having only a limited ability to react chemically

neutral (as in "neutral") adj. : not supporting or favoring either side in a war, dispute, or contest

neutral (as in "neutral") adj. : (physics) having no net electric charge; not electrified

neutral (as in "neutral") adj. : lacking hue; "neutral colors like back or white"

neutral (as in "neutral") adj. : of no distinctive quality or characteristics or type

neutral (as in "neutral") adj. : lacking distinguishing quality or characteristics

My opinion on neutrals is that you are a coward and a jerk if you leave them. There is only a limited scope of appropraite times when a neutral merits being left on a profile.

The two neutrals that counted against me are:

You be the judge on whether or not I should have gotten these - the "freebie neutral" was retaliation for a negative left on the seller's feedback.

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