Friday, May 16, 2008

Apple Sues Atico International

As reported by Bloomberg News:
Apple sues Atico over patents for iPod accessories

Apple, the maker of the iPod media player, sued Atico International USA claiming it infringed five patents for accessories used with the device. Apple seeks a jury trial and an order to stop Atico from selling infringing products in the United States, according to papers filed yesterday in federal court in Wilmington, Del. Apple also alleges trademark infringement and unfair competition. "The iPod's success has spawned an enormous demand for iPod-compatible accessories" including docking stations, speakers and cables, Apple said in the complaint. Atico is selling unlicensed versions of the products, costing Apple money and harming its reputation, the company said. The patents cover accessory designs and a system for transferring information.


One thing I've learned about Apple - they only sue nowadays if the person or company they are suing can pay - otherwise they would have made more "legal threats" public.

AND Wow! Whatta you know - Atico International makes the EXACT SAME MP3/iPod knockoff I took a picture of 2 days ago:

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