Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Apple Sued For Mighty Mouse Name, But Could've Actually Gotten Away With Danger Mouse!

* Pic courtesy of engadget

As reported by Engadget:

Apple & CBS Sued For Mighty Mouse Name

When you were shopping for waterproof and chemical-resistant mice for your lab computers, you were confused when you wound up with Apple's Mighty Mouse, right? That's what Man & Machine, maker of the other Mighty Mouse, believes is happening, and they're suing Apple and CBS over use of the product name, since their hospital and lab-friendly mouse came out a year before Cupertino's model. Turns out that CBS -- who have owned the cartoon of the same name since 1955 -- sold the name rights to Apple, but Man & Machine are contending that the name in the context of computer peripherals belongs to them. Man & Machine want money damages and a court order blocking Apple's use of the name. They should have just called it Danger Mouse. Oh, wait.


It's not clear whether Man & Machine actually secured the rights from CBS for the naming of their Mighty Mouse - or whether they should be suing period. Their mouse is NOT sold at retail and therefore couldn't be considered a competitor under trademark law. I also think Apple could argue that their mouse is a totally different implementation.

I got a laugh out of the "oh wait" link Engadget provided - linking to Jack Campbell's Danger Mouse. I'm pretty sure Jack wouldn't bother suing Apple if Apple had chosen Danger Mouse. That is unless he wished for a countersuit for a bazillion of his offenses. For the record ... I thought the name Mighty Mouse was VERY silly from the beginning.

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