Monday, April 14, 2008

Stan Flack Now A Sad Mac

Stan Flack founded MacCentral (which later became "the new" He also founded and published MacMinute.


Very sad ... I never really got along with Stan because he chose not to moderate his atrocious forum posters. One of the reasons I moved to this blog format was so that I could have moderated user comments that Macworld and MacMinute chose not to control. Macminute has also been very weak on news over the last 6 months - mostly just aggregating software update news.

Stan will be sorely missed and I owe a lot of my "blogging about Macs interest" to him.


Stan is the guy who got me into Mac journalism. In the early days of MacCentral, I began working for him part-time. As the web site grew (and grew and grew) I was given more and more work. Eventually, the MacCentral gig became a full time job. And I loved it. The rest of the central unit of MacCentral was Dave Moser, Ben Wilson, Jim Dalrymple and Peter Cohen, not to mention several others who did part-time work, columns or was there for a while (including Brad Gibson).
MacMinute was founded by Stan in 2001 to “keep you up-to-date on everything that is going on in the world of Macintosh as soon as it happens.”

Prior to creating MacMinute Stan Flack founded MacCentral. He sold it to Mac Publishing, the company behind the MacWorld properties on June 1, 1999. The web site was eventually folded into the MacWorld brand name and the last vestiges of MacCentral disappeared with the incorporation of the MacCentral Forum into the MacWorld forums in December 2007. However, leads to

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