Monday, April 14, 2008

Radio Shack Hacks The Mac Company With Tacky Ad

* Photo courtesy Engadget

Geez ... will this company just go out of business already!!

Radio Shack mailed and placed circulars in the newspaper this week featuring the iPod Touch... with the JAILBREAK "Installer" and "MobileChat" application icons clearly visible on the screen.

One thing that websites covering this misstep (including Engadget) failed to mention is that Apple has "pre-approved press imagery" and this violates Radio Shack's agreement as a Value Added Reseller.

From Engadget:

We're not sure who nodded off in the art department, but we're fairly certain they're going to be wide awake come Monday morning. Apparently, Radio Shack is running circulars this week featuring the iPod touch... with the Installer and MobileChat icons. We're sure Apple will be stoked to discover that a jailbroken iPod is hanging out in one of America's most-viewed ads, and we're equally sure that buyers will be pleased to learn they don't really get an IM application with their purchase. Champagne for everyone!

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