Thursday, April 17, 2008

How Dare I Not Offer A 13 Month Warranty On An "AS IS" eBay Auction!

So, I got an interesting email the other night:

Here it is with some asterisks to protect the guilty ... I mean innocent:

Received April 15, 2008:


I bought the XLR8 from you last year and I have only just tried to use it, after a lot of messing about and getting in touch with the company that make it, I find out that it is over 9 years old. It was per-chested by my brother in-law through PayPal for me, his name is Mr. Peter Blount per-chested about the 14 March-2007.

George Hilton

This message was sent to me as a question on one of my current auctions - this is not allowed by eBay policy nor a normal means of asking a seller a question.

This was an auction for the XLR8 Interview - a USB 1.1 Video Capture Device.

I had found this device brand new in the box at the local flea market. I pretty much typed the description from the back of the box as the auction description.

The eBay auction title: XLR8 Interview 2.0 USB Video In / Capture For Apple Mac

Well, anyway, I thought a stupid question deserved a witty reply so I sent this email:

I'm sorry but your one year warranty expired"

This response was a mistake. I should have just not responded.

He persisted.

Hi Philip,

It is nothing to do with the warranty but the fact that you sold me an item that was at least 8 years out of date and could not be used on my Apple Mac running system 10. Please will you rethink what you say?

George Hilton

So, I then responded with this that I suppose all eBayers can take to heart:

It was new in the box and works as advertised - its outrageous to contact me more than a year after a purchase and complain about something such as you are ... The age has nothing to do with the functionality ... I have sold Apple items that are 30 years old before. I believe you can get a firmware update for the device. If you were not certain about the device you should have asked questions or done more research.

He fired back with another email:

Hi Philip,

Also the serial number you gave me will not work? QD16245540791

George Hilton

First, I didn't give him a serial number, the box was unopened. Second, I probably could have worked with him on this issue a year ago. So, at this point I suppose I should have just let it be, but I figured I needed to block his eBay ID and then send him a word or two showing him how ridiculous he was being. I figured he wasted enough of my time so I would waste more of mine and some of his and hopefully end this ridiculous squabble. So, I sent this email:

If you had addressed this any where close to the auction date I might have been able to help ... the item was sent as advertised. It was sent quickly and packed nicely. I take pride in my descriptions and customer service. It is obvious by my feedback that this is so. Even if I had given you a one year warranty and return for any reason (which I don't but I will always try very hard to help) - you are past that or any reasonable timeframe. At 90 days, I probably could have helped you get the firmware from xlr8 for a discount or for free. At 120 days I might have been able to exchange it with xlr8 because it was new (in the box). Do you see my point? eBay is an "as is", do your own research, and buy accordingly venue - YOU are wasting my time, energy, and effort and have asked the questions through a friend improperly on current auctions when all you have to do is contact me directly through ebay's messaging system.

I'm not even sure why you are complaining other than to complain or what you'd like for me to do one year after a purchase with no warranty expressed or implied for an item that had immense amounts of information available about it on the internet at the time purchase.

I'm trying to be as nice as I can by responding to you - my 1st response was a joke because I thought your question was laughable - if you had asked it within 30 days after the auction - I would have gladly made an honest effort to assist you and possibly replace or update the unit. That being said ... I'm 100% confident the unit works as advertised in the auction as I have examined that auction description.

Please do not contact me further regarding this transaction - I suggest you examine your auctions within 3 days if receipt and take up any issues with the seller within 10 days from auction end. Not doing so is being unfair to your seller and unwise as a buyer.

Philip Smith "Rus"
(864) ***-APPL


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