Friday, April 25, 2008

Flack Family Posts Update On MacMinute

As many of you know (and read here) Stan Flack - publisher of the Mac News blog -MacMinute passed away two weeks ago. His ( I presume) daughter; Julie has posted a message updating readers with thank yous and notes.

Of interest to me:

We are in the process of setting up an education fund in Stan's name. ... This fund will be called the Stan Flack Memorial Education Fund. Stan always believed that a good education was a solid foundation for a successful career.

Is this something from a will, I wonder? Because I know if I ran a popular enough Mac News website, that I'm sure at my death could generate cash for charity - I would most likely want my family to make a "Macs For Kids" type charity.

Not to doubt the sincerity here - but education has no bearing on success. Success is all in the eye of the motivated beholder.

Maybe I should update my will now to say just that.

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