Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Unlimited Wireless Internet For $35 or $40

Cricket, a small wireless MVNO, is selling a truly unlimited wireless data for $35/mo (some US cities) (The service is $40 without a Cricket voice plan.) The plan uses an EVDO Rev 0 system. (that is piggybacking on Verizon Networks.) One can expect speeds of 500-700 kbps/sec

"We expect our customers will be heavy, heavy data users, & we've never thought limits were a good idea." ~ Cricket Sr Manager Greg Lund

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* AT&T's unlimited plan is $59.99 per month as of March 26 2008. AT&T currently does not offer 3G Data outside of the top 20 major US cities. Verizon, however has a greater coverage area at this time.

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