Monday, March 10, 2008

It's not weird at all ...

Daring Fireball's John Gruber commenting on Microsoft Exchange Server on the iPhone:

... it seems weird that the iPhone’s Mail app can talk to Exchange, but Mac OS X Mail can’t.

It doesn't seem weird to me at all. The Mac is not a Windows product ... greater than 75% of iPhone owners have Windows. I would imagine (though I could be off) that 99.97% of those that use Microsoft Exchange Server use Windows.

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Anonymous said...

Gruber's (and Johnson's) comment made no sense. The iPhone will talk to Exchange because Apple is LICENSING MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY to make it do so.

Further, the Mac can talk to Exchange using Entourage, which I suspect most Macs in mixed environments do. And Entourage talks to Exchange because it's MICROSOFT'S PRODUCT. Building such communication in Mail would make little sense for Apple for the excellent reason you pointed out.

Apple has little reason to write their own communication with Exchange; licensing ActiveSync was a good way to get iPhone email access while not having to do much extra work.

I like Apple's approach. I'd rather they focus on writing cool new apps themselves, not connecting the dots to an Exchange server when they can get that technology from Microsoft.