Monday, March 10, 2008

iPhone Snaps

Over the next few weeks I'm going to try something new here ...

I'm going to start posting pics that I take with my iPhone camera.

Here's this week:

This is a picture I took of "Adam Apple" - he's a local grocery store chain mascot. I spotted him at the Home & Garden Show in my home town of Greenville South Carolina this past weekend. I like to take (and find) unique pictures of apples as a side hobby.

Same as above ... I like to find unique pictures of apples ... I took this one in a grocery store parking lot.

I found this picture interesting. On my week off, I bought a gun and plan to take a "Conceal & Carry" class in April. I bought the gun first and foremost because it's a unique right to own a gun as an American. Second, I figure I need to learn how to shoot a gun and own one responsibly. Third, I have had death threats made on me recently. I've also had my share of stalkers in my life. I doubt I will ever need to defend myself with a gun, but it does give me some sense of security knowing I have it.


Anonymous said...

Commenting on the right to own a gun picture: if you've had death threats or even suspect that your life is in danger you have every right and reason to protect yourself. I have done a lot of reading about this issue of late and it is just astounding to me that this is not encouraged by at least state governments more.

I totally agree with having to have background checks and sensible (not overlong) waiting periods in some cases before someone can purchase and use a gun. It is not unlike owning or driving a vehicle. In the wrong hands, a car can be a very deadly weapon or very destructive in general. This is why there are licenses required and training encouraged. The same applies to gun ownership: just as people ought to be able to safely and responsibly transport themselves from place to place they ought to be able to have the means to defend themselves safely and responsibly.

I grieve along with everyone else about the sensely crimes committed with guns. Does anyone ever think about the senseless acts of violence perpetrated by alcohol with the same rage and indignation? If some idiot goes out and kills five people randomly with a gun you can guarantee that there will be endless news forums, senate hearings, speeches, articles, etc ad nauseum about how we need to further restrict the laws concerning the sale and use of handguns. Does the same outcry occur when some drunken idiot crashes their car into a family of four and kills everyone but himself? Of course not, why be consistent and logical?

If Americans truly want to stop the maximum number of senseless deaths and atrocities in this country, the focus needs to be taken off of legitimate issues like gun ownership and be shifted to alcohol.

One last rant: if you really want to end gun violence in the schools, let every teacher, janitor, food worker, and administrator that wants to take a concealed carry class, get properly trained and licensed, and carry a concealed handgun on their person secretly. Like an Air Marshall. I guarantee that any idiots out there thinking about doing something stupid will think twice if the possibility exists that when they walk into a school hallway wearing a black trenchcoat they see three teachers, a janitor and the school lunch lady reach into their jacket.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to get in a goofy political debate, but as a former teacher, I can tell you that arming teachers, janitors, etc. will result in a sharp increase in school violence, not a decrease. Teaching is a stressful job, and a bunch of stressed out, overworked, underpaid people shouldn't be armed at work.

FYT said...

I'm not so sure about that ...

There is a debate locally if Pizza Delivery guys (and girls) shouldn't carry a firearm. I think its a proven statistic that where there are MORE guns in responsible citizens hands - the world is a safer place. In almost every jurisdiction in the US - crime has gone down where gun ownership and training is encouraged.

Anonymous said...

OK, "Trust Me", I agree that someone like yourself should not be allowed to carry a gun in school. We're on the same page there.

I said, and you could have read, (that rhymes by the way) that people should be "properly trained and licensed." People with any propensity toward being "stressed out" enough to fire a gun that they were carrying as an act of senseless violence would be weeded out in the training and licensing process.

This isn't a goofy political debate, so don't call it that. It's a serious discussion about being sensible and practical about an issue that concerns all of us. I'm not sure that I'm all that comfortable with some of the policeman that I have encountered being armed either, but they are properly trained, licensed, and regulated and we don't often read about lawmen going on senseless rampages. Goodness knows that their jobs are much more stressful than anything you or I could even imagine.