Monday, March 31, 2008

Creative's fall from glory - Consumers fighting back!

Creative (infamous iPod competitor and litigator) failed to provide working Windows Vista drivers for some of their products. They then told "Daniel_K" to stop making his own "homebrew" working Vista drivers. Creative customers are apparently enraged ... Read the link ... Sign the petition, post your thoughts, fight back ... give Creative a dose of what they gave Apple a year or so ago. Reminder: Apple settled with Creative for a rather large sum of money - it (the lawsuit settlement payout) seems to be the main source of revenue that is keeping the company afloat.

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----- Fix Your Thinking Commentary -----

Maybe this is a bit of karma coming from the Apple litigation and settlement. As far as I know ... Creative has been slipping in the MP3 player market - getting more and more of second place stolen by Sandisk and even the Microsoft Zune.

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