Thursday, March 06, 2008

Complaint Remover Gets Rid Of "Negative Links," LOLCats

"Will you be able to push these disgusting "lolcats" off the internets so people can find my cat breeding page?"

Complaint Remover: "Yes, we can help you with that."

Don't understand this? Read the DIGG link to see how this Search Engine Reputation Management business, in my opinion, illegally censors and removes web critics - also called gripe posters - comments. Complaint Remover is also called REPSAVER.COM.

How Google allows the results from REPSAVER, Complaint Remover, and other "Search Engine Reputation Management" companies is unfathomable - it is a deliberate skewing and censoring of the truth.

This site has also been attacked by bots from Converseon's SERMA. Search my site to get more details.

This site has had a "Complaint Remover" attack made against it- commissioned by Bidzirk.

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Unknown said...

Complaint Remover = EPIC online marketing company Hoax

Internet users cried foul when "Complaint Remover" said it could ban LOLCats (amongst others) from "the interwebs". Little did they (or hundreds of Fark users) know, it was a hoax perpetrated by to push their online video chat service. EPIC. (Happy Caturday!)

FYT said...

I feel dumb ... but I don't understand ... Complaint remover is a real website for search engine reputation management ... what was the joke?