Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You Thought Movie Popcorn Was Overpriced Now!

Due to the rising cost of corn - because farmers are cashing in on corn based ethanol rather than for food production - looks like the price of movie theater popcorn might be going up later this year.

According to this article at THESTAR.COM movie contracts for popcorn are set to expire soon and renewal contracts will be dramatically higher.


The unbelievable thing to me about this is - people think they are saving money by buying this alternative fuel. It also baffles me as to why ANYONE would use ethanol when it achieves 15% less in fuel efficiency.

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Anonymous said...

It's not a money-savings issue; its a dependence-on-foreign-oil issue. People are jumping on the ethanol bandwagon for two reasons: first, if we can get away from dependence on foreign oil the oil barons have less sway. Second, there is a chance that someone will figure out a way to make ethanol a more efficient fuel or figure out how to modify engines to use if more efficiently.

People like that it is less polluting and more eco-friendly. Some rumors that are somewhat disturbing is that it takes a certain amount of fuel to MAKE this fuel. I have heard that it uses almost as much fuel to make it as it products; i.e. it takes nearly a gallon of fuel to make a gallon of ethanol. If that is true, that makes little sense and I would be interested to see if it is true or not.