Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wow ... Tiny Code Admits Lying To Readers Of MacRumors

Unbelievable post on MacRumors:
(Via a reader tip)

Hey Guys,
It's finally time I just come out and say it; I lied.

Tiny-Code never had any relations with Apple, Inc. or any other division of Apple. Never had the new firmware or any pre-SDK pack. Certainly never signed any NDA.

I find it interesting that a simple joke on the front of a minor at best Installer.app repo can cause so many wakes.
It is equivocally funny that a simple re-enforcement of the page by me posted earlier stating I had been "reprimanded" by Apple could throw it even more into believability.To top it all off, a simple redirection of the domain to Apple's iPhone Developer center would cause so many theories as to why that is so when it was to just stop the "where did it go" questions.

All of it should teach everyone at these rumor sites WWWide to not trust anything that did NOT come from the mouth of Apple.
8 lines of text were published on Friday, by Sunday those lines of text are one of the biggest talked about and debated lines of text across Apple related internet sites.

This goes to prove anyone can register a domain one week and less than two later be believed, talked about, debated over, defended, ratted on, bashed, requested to be interviewed on DowJones Newswire and everything else under the sun. The power of the internet is amazing.

I do however wish to make a few apologies because I never actually planned for anyone to give a flying **** about my page or what was on it, let alone make it so popular.

To Apple, Incorporated:

I duly apologize for any confusion I may have caused amongst your ranks attempting to figure out if Tiny-Code or KellyTM belonged to any of the developers you did in fact release firmware to.

I duly apologize for time wasted if anyone at Apple was called in to discuss what was released over a weekend when you should have been off.

To Developers out there:

I apologize for possibly making obtaining pre-release firmware harder to obtain in the future and possibly discrediting any of you in the process.

To MacRumors & other websites publishing information & threads based on what was found on my site:

I apologize you have wasted your time and front-page space on nothing but a made up joke filled with a lie.

I apologize for the time you spent creating your reports and articles and time you will spend writing an article about this.

To Everyone who defended me:

Thank you for your defense and had this not been a lie, you would have been defending someone and that is a good thing, be proud.

I apologize it wasn't truth.

To everyone who bashed me:
well, lol, I can't really apologize to you.

As for the up-side of this:

Rumor sites such as this, Apple Insider, etc, you will have to learn, things like this happen, and you should verify or attempt to credit things said on domains with no more than two pages.

Overall I just apologize. I do not expect forgiveness and I definitely understand the posts following this to be nothing more than bashing. Just know than when I posted that information I had no intention for attention or otherwise, it was simply an excuse to stop publishing to the repo; seemed like a good one at the time.

Sincerest Apologies,
KellyTM/Tiny-Code Developer

---------- FIX YOUR THINKING COMMENTARY ----------

I'll say again ... this is one of the MANY reasons Apple has been reluctant to release an SDK for its specialized products like the iPod and iPhone. And ... what a jerk for the last apology. Apple should litigate for false representation.

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