Monday, February 25, 2008

Wireless broadband and get rid of cable?

An interesting question was posed to the SlashDot:

"I've been hearing more and more about mobile broadband offered by the big wireless phone providers, and for the first time came to ask myself how it compares to using a wireless router. Since my wife and I both have laptops, and we're out a lot, would it be wise and/or worth it to do away with the standard cable-modem-plus-router setup and switch over to mobile broadband with (for example) AT&T or Sprint? I'm not really concerned about the cost of the PC cards themselves; they're not much more expensive than a decent router. Also, the cost of the wireless service per month is only (roughly) ten dollars more than my current ISP is charging me. Is it a good idea?"

Link to discussion:

---------- FIX YOUR THINKING COMMENTARY ----------

I have personally switched to AT&T 3G wireless broadband with a Sierra Wireless 881U USB adapter. I love it. I was able to dump Charter cable and the liberation feels great. Charter is the worst run company in the HISTORY OF BUSINESS in my opinion.

I'll be doing a review soon of the AT&T 3G service and the Sierra Wireless 881U USB modem that will also include an easy way to add 3G to ANY iPhone!

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