Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Vantage Point: What Is That Music From The Vantage Point Trailer?

I don't know if any of you have seen the trailer for the new movie Vantage Point or not. It looks great! It stars LOST's Matthew Fox. I've been following it closely because the website includes "LOST easter eggs". There seems to be a debate though as to what the fast paced / Indian or Persian song might be that is playing during the movie's preview trailer. My typical sources didn't seem to have an answer or at least didn't have the correct answer. Many have posted that it's a song by Philip Steir from The 300 called "To Victory (The Sacrifice For Sparta Remix)" ... but it's not.

If any of you can locate this song let me know.

Trailer for Vantage Point at APPLE.COM


Anonymous said...

The song is called Saxophone Concerto (Héctor Castillo & Eduardo Larez Remix) and can be found on Philip Glass' 2005 album Glass Cuts, track#3.

It can also be downloaded from iTunes.

FYT said...

No ...

That's the slow song that's in the trailer that's playing while the stars are being introduced ... I'm looking for the fast song that's playing during the explosions and car chases.

But thanks for responding.

Anonymous said...

Soundtrack for the film is by Atli Örvarsson - the clip stalls just at the point the car chase starts so cant even hear it!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is a more detailed analysis of the song:
0:00 - 0:38 = "Saxophone Concerto" Philip Glass Glass Cuts
0:38 - 1:38 = UNKNOWN
1:38 - END = "To Victory (Philip Steirs Sacrifice For Sparta Remix)"

This was gleaned from a search and not my musical background.

FYT said...

the "unknown" part is what I'm looking for and may be original to the soundtrack by atti ^ as mentioned above