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Problems With Together Dating: Together: Let Us Introduce You, Seduce You, Bruise You, Refuse You

Together®: Let Us Seduce You

"True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly." ~ Jason Jordan

And so goes the principal behind most dating services. Dating services rely on the promise of poetry and the power of statistics. I truly believe the perfect person is out there for every individual. I also think that having ANYTHING in common isn't necessarily a qualifier for finding true love. I know many a military man that has married a woman who can't speak any English, grew up in dire poverty, and is a completely different person than they had ever been with before. It's actually what you don't have in common that makes or breaks a relationship. As an example, age has never meant much to me. I have dated women up to 8 years younger than me, the same general age as me, and up to 21 years older than me. I had more in common with the one who is 21 years older than with most of the women who were the same age or younger. We had completely different backgrounds, spiritual concepts, and attitudes - yet we got along. That's why I would say that:

"True love isn't easy to find and one is really only lucky if they find it through a dating or matching service ... but luck is common"

------- Together®: Let Us Seduce You -------

Together makes the claim on their "junk mail brochure":

"Over the years, our team has been responsible for thousands of relationships and marriages of quality singles.

The truth is, many marriages (and I would expect the same percentage) have resulted from random grocery store cart bumps, barhopping, traffic accidents, and possibly even funerals. The point is, dating services have NO better chance of helping you find that special someone than you would have on your own.

Know what you are asking Together® to do for you, "FORCE someone to go on a date with you." This is unlike any of the online matching services - where people have the option of meeting you or not.

You have a better opportunity of finding someone who is appealing through a self paced "browse" method. Think of searching for someone, like you would, trying to find a good tomato at a grocery store. Do you just pick any tomato laying there? Or do you inspect each one carefully? Do you send someone who doesn't know you at all to go do your grocery store shopping? Do you send someone who won't be eating the tomato if they don't know you?

"But wait!" (you're saying) ... "The purpose of Together® is to help me find someone because I don't know how to find anyone. I'm too busy, I'm isolated in my job, and I don't do the bar scene"

Well that is Together's perceived intention. The purpose of Together® is actually to make as much money as possible without any regard to you or your love life whatsoever. Are you saying that you won't fall right back into that "too busy, job isolated, no getting out pattern" once you get comfortable in your relationship? Shame on you. YOU are not ready for love if this is your philosophy.

Together relies on the simple inevitability of statistics that you will find someone they introduce you to. They do no more actual legwork than your your average website personals like eHarmony, MATCH.COM, or Yahoo Personals. Yet here's the difference: Online personals average $30 a month with simple refund or cancellation policies. They have so much competition that they cannot afford a single bad review of their site. Together®, who has minimal competition, costs a minimum of $2500 with no refunds or cancellations. If you find someone with Together® you don't receive a partial refund (even though you pay for blocks of dates) and you are out thousands of dollars.

Their claim is;

What is the price of love?"

The idiocy of that statement is that the MAJORITY of the people who are at Together® are also on MATCH.COM or another online personal site for $2470 less!!


Together® lists 6 reasons to join:
(commentary below each)

"We reach millions of people in our relationship search, so you can meet people you'd never be able to meet on your own."

Millions more are on MATCH.COM ... far fewer people have $3000 dollars lying around to go to Together®. (This first "reason to join" will seem very ironic once I tell my personal story about Together®.)

YOU'LL FEEL SAFER "We place a high premium on safety; therefore, we're choosy about the members we accept. We meet everyone in person and conduct background checks on all members so you can feel more secure about the people you meet."

For the money that you pay Together® you (and each member) should get a lie detector test. Nothing prevents a member from lying about anything. Together makes little to no attempt to verify marriage or authenticity of a driver's license. Together® is therefore no more secure than a wise man is with a flashlight in an abandoned house.

YOU CAN END ONLINE DATING "Burnout" "Finding someone special is easy and comfortable with Together®. You can stop surfing the internet and playing the "Dating Deception" game.

Finding someone special is actually hard. There is nothing gratifying or confidence building by Together's method of matchmaking.

YOU CAN HAVE FUN "We've done all the hard work so you can have all the fun."

Ask my friend how much fun it was for her to be introduced to a married man, someone who was 4 years outside her preferred age range, and then go through a Better Business Bureau mediation, be insulted and humiliated in front of a number of individuals about the service, AND to lose almost $2700.00.

YOU SAVE TIME "We know life can be hectic. We designed our system to save busy people time, energy, and effort."

If you don't have the time, energy, and effort for finding someone ... you soon won't have the time, energy, or effort to maintain a relationship with them. I've always looked at effort with this analogy. Which card would your mother like better, the card from Hallmark that you spent five minutes driving to the local Walgreen's, two minutes picking out, another five minutes driving home, and one minute filling out, OR would she like a piece of paper folded in half with a drawing of you and her (stick figures) and a heart on the front of the home made card and a simple "I love you MOM" on the inside - also taking 15 minutes of your time?

Saving time & energy should never be in the same sentence with the word "effort". <-- Except here of course.

Lastly, the homemade card cost you almost nothing ... what did you spend on the gas, time, and money for the store bought card?

Together®: Let Us Bruise You

Before I begin with Part II I want to start off with a disclaimer.


* The following experience was given to me by a friend with whom I trust was giving me completely accurate information about Together Dating® in Greenville, South Carolina. I was involved ONLY in the resolution process for which this friend came to me for help. I stand by my decisions for resolution and believe the local franchise of Together Dating® to be a very poorly run business. I am in no way romantically involved with the person mentioned in this story. I have considered Together Dating® in the past and passed on their match making services. I have also conducted an interview with friends who have used the service. Together Dating® is a franchised business and your local branch may vary from this experience significantly.

Friends come to me for help. In fact, friends of my enemies come to me for help. They know that I can usually help them solve a problem - I am a problem solver.

It was difficult for me to handle this particular problem because I knew the person very well that was involved in the experience I'm about to relate to you. How well did I know this person? I had dated her two years prior. She IS the 21 years older than me woman that I mentioned in Part I of this story. It was even more difficult to help her as I have finally met the woman of my dreams and it's rather impossible for there not to be some conflict of interest with me helping a former girlfriend with a dating service issue - but I did just that and I hope to be able to tell you how to resolve a horrible experience with Together Dating® if you experience the same ... so please read the following story carefully.

Some time around March of 2007 a friend of mine, who (IMHO) is an extremely poor manager of money, decided to respond to a local advertisement for Together®.

From a Together® PR piece at Online Personals Watch:

How much are memberships?

Together CEO Paul Falzone: I can’t dictate what my franchisees charge but everybody is basically in the same ballpark. Smaller towns in the Midwest may not charge as much, but the programs start at around $2,000 to $3,000 and go up to $6,000 to $7,000.

Why would I bother to mention my friend is a poor manager of money? She COULD NOT afford the service, yet she went in with the assumption that ANYONE who could afford the service must be well off. Her interview with Together® consisted mostly of a high pressure sales pitch reinforcing lowering your expectations and dating criteria AND reinforcing the statement,

"What is the price of love?"

She ended up signing up for a $2700 contract and placing the entire charge on her credit card.

My friend is an attractive 54 year old woman. Her criteria was a single, widowed, or divorced man with an age range of 45-55 years old. She was prodded multiple times that if she just extended her age range to 60, she would have several more opportunities available. She resisted twice and caved on the third time she was pressured*.

*A matchmaking service making you feel like you are buying a car?

She came from the interview even more nervous about dating than when she had walked in.

The Together® process is rather simple:

1) They match you with people within a Together® database. (Both parties having forked over $2000+)

2) They mail you a profile. You have 3 days from the date of the profile mailing to accept or reject a date with that profile. At this point you are also promised a phone call 24 hours in advance of a date.

3) If you go on the date you "rate it" by a form that you are given and can reject a second date or choose to move further.

Her preferred age range was 45-55 years old - her DEMANDED criteria was Single, Widowed, or Divorced.

Remember, as pressured, she moved to age 60.

Before her first "introduction" she was not notified by mail as promised. She received no information about him as contractually promised. After receiving the information, she wished to cancel but had already set up a second date. Together® encouraged her not to cancel and to go ahead with the 2nd date. By paper work and details revealed by her second date with her first "introduction" she found out the details: The gentleman she was matched with was


Her confidence with Together® was immediately lowered, but my friend is a very peace loving person - she decided to go on the date anyway.

The date was pleasant, but could not possibly be a match because of her Christian values - dating a married man was simply out of the question. In my mind, ANY form of separation (even "legal separation") is STILL married.

My friend was sent no other dates for 3 months.

She contacted me and asked for my help. After hearing her story, I could clearly see that this was a severe breach of contract by Together®. I suggested contacting them and asking for a refund. The ONLY response received was:

Paraphrased, "You signed a contract in several places and are bound to it with no refunds"

I reassured my friend that NO ONE can enforce a "NO REFUNDS" contract if they do not live up to the terms THEY place in the contract themselves. I explained that this is not an AS IS item from a pawn shop or thrift store. This isn't a defective DVD that one paid $20 for at Walmart! If Together® Dating makes this claim they are no better than a $1 book bought from a yard sale. Besides, this is an intangible service, not a tangible item that one can keep. It is also NOT an education or merit that one can use to further their career or better their lives. Together® offers no life coaching or dating advice (for the $2700 paid) <--- as many of the other high priced services do.

I told her the best thing to do would be to make a chargeback on her credit card. She did so ... the charge was put into dispute by Chase credit cards. A 30 day dispute process ensued. Many calls to Chase dispute resolution to check on the status provided more and more details that Chase was fighting the charge with Together® but that their contract was binding. After 45 days of disputes and a final decision not to reverse the charge - I suggested filing a Better Business Bureau report against the local Together® franchise. She did so.

Added detail by my friend after reading this story: "Chase initially reversed the charge and for 2 months I had a positive balance. THEN they re-charged it and it went into re-negotiation (? they had another word?) for several weeks (with several attempts / calls for follow up."

The director of the local Together® franchise responded to the BBB by sending my friend's ENTIRE profile as a response. This response, which was not blacked out in any way to protect my friend's privacy, included her social security number, her address, her phone number, her credit card number, and enough personal information to potentially figure out passwords.

I was outraged by this audacious move. Together® sent this information to show that my friend had signed the contract multiple times.

Next step: The Better Business Bureau offers mediation with members. Together® is a member of the Greenville SC BBB. I offered to attend a mediation and provide "non legal" support to my friend because I have dealt with the BBB before and been involved in several legal disputes over contacts.

Together® of Greenville (DBA as Palmetto Introductions®) has a poor BBB record:

With this in hand, I could see that there might be difficulty ahead ...

-Part III: Together®: Let US Refuse You [not published] -

Even though I have uncovered quite the controversy, and even though Together® refuses to refund for providing essentially zilch; I feel this is not a story worth pursuing or writing about when I myself have found true love and happiness in my life. I have come to the conclusion that this is not a battle I find worth fighting or investing any further energy in uncovering the scandal.

I had originally planned 4-6 parts in a series about Together® ... but this will be the final word in this post.

I have been let down by a few that were related to the making of this article ... including Together® corporate.

I'll end with showing you a lawsuit from 1997:

According to PR Newswire (August 1997), Pennsylvania Attorney General Mike Fisher sued an Erie, New York dating service on behalf of consumers. The suit charged that Together Dating Service…

Used deceptive and misleading verbal and written statements concerning the company’s ability to screen and match each consumer with a compatible customer of the dating service.

Provided consumers with referrals who did not meet the qualifications and physical traits identified by the customers.

Falsely represented to consumers that discounts were “one time only” in order to induce them to purchase memberships.

Told consumers that a referral did not count unless the referral resulted in a date, when in fact the written contract stated that the receipt of a referral entitled Together Dating Service to keep the entire membership fee regardless of whether a date resulted; and

Used a liquidation clause in its contract which required members to pay one half the total membership price even if the member canceled the agreement prior to receiving his or her first referral.

The attorney general said the membership fee typically ranged from $1,495 for six referrals to $2,995 for 30 referrals.

In the words of Forrest Gump ...

"And that's about all I have to say about that."

Thank you for all your comments - please feel free to ask any questions or leave your own Together experience here - I am certain at this point that there is pretty easy "class action" material here. If you would like to use this commentary in a legal matter please contact me.


Anonymous said...

You must be one unhappy camper! I met the most wonderful man through Together in Los Angeles and we are engaged to be married in June of 08. Fact is, if someone walks into one of these services they are more likely to be sincere and interested in finding a relationship - especially if they are willing to make an investment in time and money. He was me second match - and I couldn't be happier.

Anonymous said...

Have you actually tried this service? Or do you know anybody who did? If I post a negative comment it is because I use the service or product and I wasn't satisfied. My sister is dating a nice guy she met through Together Dating. Yes it cost her a lot of money and time but she is very happy now. She tried online dating but it was just a waste of time.

Some people are not just "matchable" and TRO can't do miracles:) They need to work on themselves before they jump into the dating pool.

FYT said...

Even though both comments above seem to be plants I wanted to post them and dissect them for anyone who navigates here:

These two comments make it obvious that these are plants:

"You must be one unhappy camper!"

"Have you actually tried this service? Or do you know anybody who did?"

I specifically say in the story that I DID go to Together a while back and just didn't think it was worth the money nor could they prove that the dating pool they had was any better than Match.COM. I also specifically say that the story is about a friend who used Together ... making it obvious you did't read the story for comprehension but more for retaliation - sticking up for Together biasly.

I don't even know what this means (TRO???)

"Some people are not just "matchable" and TRO can't do miracles:) They need to work on themselves before they jump into the dating pool."

I specifically address the people that use Togther needing to work on themselves through my friend's personal story ... making it obvious you did't read the story for comprehension but more for retaliation - sticking up for Together biasly.

Lastly, an anonymous comment with no way to verify if you are a real Together success story is just downright suspicious.

Anonymous said...

TRO = The RIght One.

One of the bajillions of Together Dating aliases.

Harmoniousdating(WTF?).com, (Inserttownhere), you name it.

I think your two previous posters were plants if they knew that alias already.

FYT said...

I know they were plants ... I have their IP addresses and you are right ... had I finished the story they actually advertised to my friend christiansingles and then sent her a married man.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your review of Together Inc. I was almost suckered into their service but had enough sense to do some research on the company before I went in for my initial meeting with them. The result: 32complaints submitted to the Better Busines Bureau in 36 month for the together inc in my town alone (several class action lawsuits pending for other Together inc branches). Bottom line: Look before you leap

Anonymous said...

I tried Together and I received my first introduction and was I every happy with there service. I met the most wonderful woman I could very met and we meshed perfectly and decided to put our membership on hold. How every after 14 months and we where looking forward to getting married in the near future. Although all our plans were crushed when she developed breast cancer and passed away. I am going to return to Together and hope I can find someone as good as my first introduction.

FYT said...

That's avery heartwarming endorsement from a plant. Did they give you an extra introduction to say that?

Try typing it just as they wrote it next time ... your grammar is horrible.

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious. I filled out an online application for TogetherDating and was called the next day. I filled out an application, one of the questions on which was something like "give us some reasons to introduce you to people you could never meet on your own" and in reply I wrote "this is an incredibly arrogant question; how do you know what kind of people I might or might not be able to meet on my own?" So I got three calls back in the following three days. Each person who called me apparently had no idea what any of the others had asked me. On the second call, I said that if their organization couldn't even keep track of whether potential clients had been contacted previously, I was not very convinced that they would be able to successfully complete more complicated tasks. On the third call, I was quite cranky, and when the woman calling said "would you say no to your only chance to find lifelong love?" I said "no, but I doubt that this is my sole chance to do that" -- that pretty much devolved into a snarkathon, and I hung up wondering what was going on with this organization. Well, now I know. Thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

I signed up for this service. Their contract is a joke and they will get their money from you even if you don't get a date. Thanks for taking a mortgage payment from me for nothing Together!

classilady said...

I was newly single after 25 years in Indy. Kept getting this junk mail from them and decided one day to call & see what it was. Of course a face to face interview had to be conducted by their psychologist after the hour test. The interviewer told me all the things I wanted to hear, I was pretty, fun, great funny personality etc. She really laid the compliments on which I later realized that is what they pray on. An individuals weakness. She went through the whole how many good men have you met online, why not let us screen these bozo's for you. Against my better judgement I sucked into it and dropped my credit card for $4K....Shit still trying to pay it off. No dates, 3 months later I find I have breast cancer and request a medical leave as they call it. That whole issue didn't go as well as expected and ended up moving back to MN to find cancer once again. This time it's life threating & I have a double mastecomy in Dec 08'. Still not out of the woods. The dirty deal from Together says that they won't refund my money!!! I have medical bills up the >...... I'm not employed and they can't see to refund my money..WHY???????????

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the amount of people who do not take any of the responsibility when it comes to dating. Have you looked in the mirror lately? People complain that they bought into what the sales person said. HELLO They are sales people - it is their job to enroll you, butter you up and get you to purchase a memberhsip. If you cannot see this you are blind. Have you asked the question - Would I want to date the person in the mirror? Maybe the answer is no. Are you a good catch? The matchmakers are just that - matchmakers- not magic makers! That is your responsibility. We can lead you to one another but cannot do anything else. In every situation in life some people are happy and some are not. Quit your complaining and just date!

FYT said...

Funny you'd put it that way ...

It sounds like an angry nigerian scammer when they are caught.

Often their gripe is ... "Don't fall for it, dumbass! If you do, it was your fault."

The complaint isn't that it costs so much - it's that the service of Together Dating is a joke - they are pulling from online profiles - ones you could get for free. They don't deliver by the criteria you set up and if they do it is by lowered expectations and lowered self esteem.

Bottom line ... FREE TO $50 programs are FAR MORE capable of getting better results than Together.

Anonymous said...

Glad I decided to come online and check this out. I had a 6pm appointment tonight and yo uare right the lady that did my phone screening was like, you sound so sweet and you are just wonderful and I am old enough t be your mother, I can't wait to meet you. I can't believe that they would take advantage of people just looking for true love in this economy. How sad!

Anonymous said...

prior to meeting my now fiance he had been "Suckered" into Together dating - I too had been curious about the signs that were popping up all over town that said meet singles in your town, so i went to the web site and built what i thought was a profile HA HA was i wrong.... all i did was open the door for phone call after phone call of pushy sales people telling me all the reason i needed to join and once they told me the price, i laughed at them and hung up they still continued to call til i had my boss, who was an attorney, send a letter the the one that CONTINUED to email and call me then the calls stopped!! He NEVER had one referral, hit or match or what ever they are calling them these days. Nor was he ever able to contact ANYONE, not that he didnt try in the beginning and then he just GAVE up!!! all the while they are still collecting money each month that he STILL had to pay! I will admit he and i did meet on line, even though we live in the same town and would often frequent a lot of the same places, sometimes to the same event, prior to meeting we just never met! we have tried every avenue we can find for over a year now to get him out of the contract... I wish there were more people out there that checked out the reviews on such places before getting TRAPPED into these types of contracts REMEMBER IF THE CONTRACT HAS A NO CANCEL POLICY YOU PROBABLY DONT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT..... even our real estate contract had a cancelation clause in it so did the purchase of our 4 wheelers and among other things PLEASE READ THE FINE PRINT DONT GET CAUGHT UP IN THIS STUFF

FYT said...

Know that there is no such thing as a No cancellation policy ... It should be an easy chargeback if the services were never rendered.

Also know that Together Dating is constantly challenged in court ... Make sure you lodge a complaint with the Better Business Bureau ... It will help yours and others complaints.

fixyourthinking said...

The following is a combination of posts that I'm placing here from another post I did on Together and have deleted:

Anonymous said...

As someone who hasn't found love and happiness I must tell you that I am let down by your decision not to continue this story.

Let me read between the lines for a moment. Tell me where I'm wrong.

1. To spite your win in court, Bidzirk has worn you down. Fighting the good fight now feels like too much work thanks to them. In one way, they won. They took your soul.

2. You expected your initial coverage to convince Together dating to refund your friend's money. Since they are holding tight by their contract, you no longer want to spend time pursuing it.

3. Together wouldn't speak to you, but your friend also said "forget it" and moved on with her life.

4. You only started the story for your friend's benefit, not for the greater benefit of the "dating community."

Tell me where I'm right and where I'm wrong.

I encourage you to continue the story. It mattered to me. Not because I had used or planned to use together dating, but the information you had would help me look for signs in other services that may also be corrupt. Please continue the story.

fixyourthinking said...

Thank you for your interest in my story. Let me answer you one by one first.

1) Bidzirk did win in this regard. It doesn't mean that there won't be anything good here anymore ... but (the Greenville SC Together director) DID threaten suit.

2) Actually a friend of mine who is an attorney encouraged me to write it in the first place ... and even told me TO encourage (at the end) that someone bring / start a class action against Together - because it appears as if they are relying on the same business model as mentioned in the 1997 lawsuit against them.

3) Together was difficult to contact and speak to. My friend isn't really a friend anymore. And ... she was an ex girlfriend. The writing of this story helped open my eyes further as to why she is an ex.

4) I hate to see any one ripped off. I started the story for the better good of the dating community... the trick is since the beginning of the "actual action" of the story last March 07... I HAVE found not only true love - but my true dream girl and wife. No story on my site is done for the benefit of vengeance.

I may continue with followup that may exclude the rest of the personal story. Fact is / lesson learned here ... Together used to be a decent way to meet quality people - in the age of the Internet and much more available tailored social opportunities - they simply aren't worth it - even if they can find someone you might like to date.

buzmania said...

It is difficult to crusade for something if you aren't invested in it either personally or on the behalf of someone that is important to you. I have gotten into crusader mode on some issues on behalf of others myself in the past. All too often, halfway through the process they indicate that they're not interested in putting forth the effort to correct the situation and at that point what would my motivation be?

I also regret like anonymous that this company will not be brought down for that scandalous practices, but I don't blame you one bit for letting it go under the circumstances. That said, I learned a lot about Together and other dating services that was valuable to know as I suspect many other readers did and the word is now out about those services. Additionally, I think there was an impact made that Together will not admit to. Overall, I think the articles that were written were well worth the effort and perhaps someone else that IS personally invested in this issue will pick up the baton and go forward with it due to your inspiration.

Chad said...

I really wish you had continued this series as I am caught up in the same situation with Together Dating. I actually signed up to the tune of almost $4,000 and decided to cancel the next day BEFORE receiving any matches at all. They are flat out refusing to refund any money and I don't know what to do. I tried mediation and they would not attend the meeting. I also requested a refund less $500 to cover my "background check fee" and some of the time spent with me, trying to be fair, but they would not accept this either. There is even Texas legislation in place which is specifically for the cancellation of a dating service contract and they are blowing this off as well.

Is there anything you might be able to help me out with or ANY other information you can provide that might help? I would really appreciate it.

fixyourthinking said...

how long did it take for them to send your 1st referral ? What has Together corporate said to you? Have you spoken to your attorney general?

One other thing ... your local branch of Together isn't a BBB member? As a BBB member you are required to mediate.

Chad said...

They actually called the next day to tell me about some matches they had for me. The night before they said I was a "perfect" candidate and were all excited because they had a lot of potential matches (apparently was true). My desire to cancel had nothing to do with the fact that they couldn't or wouldn't match me -- just after reading so many horror stories I felt like I wanted to take a step back and think about it some more. The office manager who I had worked with the night before mentioned a few girls names (first only) and some "stats", but I was never given personal or contact information. Later that afternoon I wrote up a cancellation letter with my reason and faxed it over and also mailed a copy to their office via certified mail. This was less than 24 hours after signing the original contract. They to this point have flat out refused to issue any type of refund, my bank is not being any help, and I scheduled a mediation session with a city department which offers this service -- they declined to appear.

I actually tried to submit a complaint via the BBB a few weeks ago but their site was having problems and I couldn't -- I will do this tonight. Also, after reading the AG site, they kept stating they cannot do much for a single persons problem, only something that is clearly affecting a large number of people. Regardless, I will file my complaint with them tonight as well.

All of this in the face of this piece of Texas legislation. How can they get away with this?? They provided NO service to me at all with the exception of their "background check" with seemed phony anyways. One offer they did make was to bump me to the ~$7,000+ package from the $3695 I paid, which clearly shows their profits on these deals are through the roof and it costs them nothing to do what they do. Otherwise, why would they not save themselves all that work and just refund my money?

BruZikka said...

I've also had a bad experience with Together Dating here in MN. My recommendations for developing a partnership have been consistently met with the comment "That's not the way we do things". Simple suggestions like reviewing the feedback provided by matches for trends or commonalities and communicating those to me are rejected because "they don't feel comfortable communicating bad news". To me, this is a non-response and indicates either incompetence or laziness. I've asked their representative how the process works and have received only vague generalities. Complaints about matches to date not having anything in common are met with indifference. Requests for a refund have been rejected.

Bottom line, I could do better picking names out of a hat and would not recommend Together Dating to anyone.