Tuesday, February 26, 2008

LoJack security for your iPhone

Free new software tweets your iPhone's location at scheduled intervals. Use a private account to keep tabs on your iPhone incase it's lost or stolen. Or use a public account with quicker updates to track your travel across the country.

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NOTE: Apple released iPhone Software Update 1.1.4 on Feb 26 2008


Anonymous said...

I read through the original article quickly and I didn't see any actual connection to the LoJack brand name. While the word LoJack IS commonly used as a general purpose word for anything that can locate something, you might run the risk of getting in trouble with the real LoJack company for using their brand name when it is not associated with one of their actual products. Maybe I missed something but I don't think so--you may want to modify that title even though its already been used by the original article.

FYT said...

LoJack I think is being used in a generic Kleenex / Clorox way - also it is not as we speak a commercial product or a for sale product. I think one has to be substantially infringing on a product in a way that causes the original copyright / patent owner harm and or causing confusion of a brand name ... called "brand tarnishing" .

FYT said...

One of the writers for The Unofficial Apple Weblog wrote the program as a proof of concept. Once the SDK for the iPhone is released - it is very probable that someone will do this and the name would probably change to PhoneJack or something like that.

At this point no one is profiting from the usage nor are they purposely trying to confuse the brand name.