Monday, February 25, 2008

eBay Seller Strike ineffective and YOU don't care!

According to the most recent poll ... many of you either didn't hear about last week's eBay seller strike and 20% of you don't even use eBay AND don't care.

Obviously ... the seller strike was ineffective ... eBay only saw a small dip in listings over the week.

My opinion of the seller strike is that ... yeah the recent eBay changes suck, but they are a move in the right direction. The strike seemed to stem mostly from eBay's competition convincing a few sellers with blogs to post untrue posts like this one that I analyzed in my eBay blog:

Be very careful when considering a boycott & jumping on an ineffective bandwagon.

Read my research:

Two of the bloggers that responded negatively - promote the "bigcrumbs" pyramid scheme marketing. BIGCRUMBS.COM is currently being sued by eBay because they share affilaite revenue which is outside the terms and conditions of eBay. What many people don't know is that you can earn A LOT more money by signing up directly as an affiliate with eBay YOURSELF!!

One of the bloggers that responded negatively to my post promotes POWERSELLERS UNITE ...

* The site: (PowerSellers Unite) is maintained by iOFFER.COM (that's why they are #2 on that list). Almost all of the iPods offered on the site are fake and are ACTUALLY iOFFER employees listings.

MANY iOFFER.COM employees have eBay accounts and MANY of them regularly diss eBay across the net. (Possibly in these blogs very subtly)

* I want to make it clear that I'm not accusing ANY blogger of actually being the competiton (although it IS possible) ... just know that the sources where some of these bloggers GET their information have an interest in ebay's demise and some of the bloggers seem to fall easily for scams.

So be careful who you follow and whose information you find engaging.

I just finished reading a VERY misleading and misinformed vitriolic blog entry by a blogger named SWEET_HALAPENA.

She/He deleted my comment so I thought I would post my own blog entry:

1) The post is filled with curse words yet ends with "God Bless" - very hypocritical. The cursing adds neither emphasis or education to this entry.

2) The blogger claimed that eBay could make us happy by offering FREE or REDUCED listings days. eBay offered such savings 214 days out of 365 last year!

3) eBay is at least trying. Encouraging small sellers to boycott could have ramifications beyond the intentions of the post. Most small sellers DEPEND greatly on the income they receive from eBay ... because they want to be a part of some fictitious and ineffective boycott may cost them more than just income.

4) The more effective way to get things done is get your voice heard. Be resourceful. Write to editors, eBay execs. Call your local news stations with a good story.

FROM the entry:

"Smarter sellers will steal your customers while you're Boycotting."

A: Too ridiculous and malicious to even seriously consider, since only an idiot would follow this line of opportunist thinking. Good, healthy businesses are built on the strengths of their own platforms, and not on the weaknesses of others. Goofy statements from transparent people who are obviously not sellers but predatory exploiters. Not a particularly desirable business model in any event.

Absolutely untrue. I sell exclusive TO ME AND ME ONLY eBay items. If I stopped selling them and stopped aggressively questioning and ending fake or imitation auctions SOMEONE WOULD STEP RIGHT IN and start selling them. I have my own website to sell them and I have a VERY high traffic blog. I only sell 3 a month from those sources, whereas on eBay I sell on average 75 a month!

Most of the changes were to punish bad eBay sellers and reward good ones - which is something I like. The eBay feedback system is the best around for online transaction safety BUT it had become broken and was long overdue for a change. It will be interesting to see if eBay will tweak the changes and fees further over the coming months.

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