Tuesday, February 12, 2008

eBay Parody: FeePay On iOffer / About The eBay Seller Strike

I came across a really funny parody this morning on IOFFER.COM called FeePay

It seems many people are upset with the recent changes to the eBay feedback and fee system. Many eBay bloggers are even encouraging boycotts of eBay.

Know that the sources where some of these bloggers & protesters GET their information have an interest in eBay's demise and some of the bloggers seem to fall easily for scams by eBay's competition. I have a really good hunch that the majority of these "strike talks" and strike sites, youtube videos, etc popping up are just the competition trying to capitalize on a weak opportunity.

I've posted a few responses to to the "boycott threat":

I just finished reading a VERY misleading and misinformed blog entry by an eBay blogger.

1) The post is filled with curse words yet ends with "God Bless" - very hypocritical. The cursing adds neither emphasis or education to this entry.

2) The blogger claimed that eBay could make sellers happy by offering FREE or REDUCED listings days. eBay offered such savings 214 days out of 365 last year!

3) eBay is at least trying. Encouraging small sellers to boycott could have ramifications beyond the intentions of the post. Most small sellers DEPEND greatly on the income they receive from eBay ... because they want to be a part of some fictitious and ineffective boycott may cost them more than just income.

4) The more effective way to get things done is get your voice heard. Be resourceful. Write to auctionbytes.com editors, eBay execs. Call your local news stations with a good story.


Question: "Won't smarter sellers steal your customers while you're Boycotting?"

Answer: Too ridiculous and malicious to even seriously consider, since only an idiot would follow this line
of opportunist thinking. Good, healthy businesses are built on the strengths of their own platforms,
and not on the weaknesses of others. Goofy statements from transparent people who are obviously
not sellers but predatory exploiters. Not a particularly desirable business model in any event.

My reply: Absolutely untrue. I sell exclusive TO ME AND ME ONLY eBay items. If I stopped selling them and stopped aggressively questioning and ending fake or imitation auctions SOMEONE WOULD STEP RIGHT IN and start selling them. I have other sources to sell my items but only sell a 10th of what i sell on eBay through those sources each month.

* IOFFER.COM is a scam auction site, I just think they have a good parody.

* This has gotten a little bit of coverage on CNN Money

* This YouTube video discusses more about the strike

* Here is a link to the most sensible encouragement/talk about the proposed "strike"

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