Friday, January 18, 2008

With Reviews Like This Who'll Believe The Critique?

One of my regular readers who runs the My 2 Cents 4 The Day Blog posted a very kind review of Fix Your Thinking

From My 2 Cents 4 The Day:

Not only that, but as you can read on [Fix Your Thinking], he has performed a very valuable service for all of us bloggers. He fought tooth-and-nail in a very grueling court case that, in the end, upheld bloggers rights in a way that we can all appreciate. I personally thank him for slugging it out, at great personal expense, not only in a monetarily way, but also an emotional way as well. Thanks to his resolve and sheer determination, he held his ground and refused to budge, and now, in part to his efforts, we bloggers are a little more secure in our legal rights. Be sure, if your a blogger, to get the full details from his blog archive.

Check it out here:

Blog 4 The Day: Fix Your Thinking

Thanks again for all your contributions to this site and all the kind words!