Monday, January 28, 2008

What kind of dork complains about this?

As reported by ENgadget:

Ouch, we just tested and confirmed that one of the smallest (and thus likeliest to fit) USB EV-DO modems around, the Sprint / Novatel U727, won't even come close to fitting in the cramped, foldaway USB port on the MacBook Air. Most flash drives will probably be okay, but it looks like 3G users will either need powered USB hubs or a USB extension cable to get online where WiFi isn't available (read: most places). Of course, your mileage may vary -- we recommend testing your modem of choice on a live machine in an Apple store before dropping any coin.

---------- FIX YOUR THINKING COMMENTARY ----------

Why would you even have to think twice about this?

This is one of the most ridiculous complaints I have heard yet about the MacBook Air. I've installed maybe 10 of these modems for my customers over the years. I have NEVER installed one without a USB extension cable. NOT using an extension cable could easily break your USB port and it looks horrible to have a 3" - 4" device sticking out of your laptop or desktop anyway.

I've always recommended these:

They are called 3M Command Adhesive © Strips. They leave no residue, are reusable, and come off with extreme ease - but bond VERY securely.

Using these strips to help mount a 3G USB modem with the antenna poking above the screen looks better and gives you MUCH better reception.

And for the record ... how much weight does a USB extension cable add to your laptop bag?


fishrfrndsnotfud said...

Command adhesive with the velcro backing is very handy too! i love 3M, but i agree with your sentiment whoever would think to install without a cable is an idiot and deserves to have their ports busted

Anonymous said...

To your point..every MC727 modem that ships from Verizon or Sprint comes with a USB extension cable and a small clip so you can attach the modem to the top/back of your laptop screen. Engadget knows this.

In my view of the original article, Engadget was simply pointing out that if Apple designed the Air for the ultra-mobile road warrior, they probably should have included a USB port that supports the leading 3G modems on the market, without requiring the use of extra hardware.

Walt pretty much said the same thing this morning in his Mailbox section.

FYT said...

BUT ... you are NOT suppose to plug these modems in directly ... because as I mentioned ... strain on your USB port is significant AND it looks retarded if plugged in directly (look no further than the pic engadget used) To me this is like complaining that your car radio doesn't have Sirius satellite radio when you don't plan to or never plan to actually GET sattelite radio. Or better yet ... you have a 3 yr subscription to XM but complain that your radio doesn't gave Sirius integration.