Wednesday, January 30, 2008

V-Day! 2008: The Year Together Dating Gets Torn Apart!

It's time for another "long post" where I investigate a business or tell a story to hopefully help you better understand the world.

For the past few Valentine's Day Special Reports I've talked mostly about my dating experiences:

2005: Macthmaking: Why Online Matchmaking Is Better On A Mac

2006: The Worst Date Ever For An Apple Tech

2007: The Best Date Ever

The Worst Date Ever For An Apple Tech ended up winning a spot in the Best Of Technology Writing.

This year I'm going to talk about how a friend of mine was completely heartbroken by Together Dating© - a personals/matching company. I will try to give you steps to help resolve any issue you might have with this service as it seems difficult to get a refund if you aren't satisfied.

A little background that will also be covered in the story:

• This company (Together Dating) deceptively markets itself by MANY other names; one being ChristianSingles.Net

• Together makes you sign a completely unenforceable contract that has not been challenged only because of the embarrassment and grossly overbearing and demeaning corporate "pyramid scheme" structure the company has.

• The service is expensive - giving the impression that the significant amount of extra money somehow makes the service more attractive to people who could "afford a relationship".

• Together Dating runs the company like a multi-level marketing business plan forcing employees who sell the matchmaking to push extremely hard and send customers through a demeaning self esteem and lowered expectations process.

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