Monday, January 21, 2008

A Review Of Cloverfield

After a prescreen of Cloverfield, I posted my review of the movie and a new poll question (to the side) asking of reader plans to see the movie. I see a few of you are waiting on a reliable review.

Here is a very well written review of the movie from Ain't It Cool News ... a regular source of my movie information:

Cloverfield Review On

A portion of the Ain't It Cool review:
CLOVERFIELD is also a deeply emotional experience. People in Rob's life die, sometimes horribly, and there's almost no time to process these losses and still concentrate on survival. This is filmmaking at its most primal, but there's a level of sophistication at work here that I admired tremendously.

But forgetting all the deep analysis and self-reflection, CLOVERFIELD, at its core, is a lightning-strike awesome monster movie. It comes and goes before you even hear the thunder, but once you hear it, you know you're doomed. You really have no idea what you're in for.

I see a few of you (in fact, half of you thus far) have no plans to see the movie at all. I promise you that you are missing a very compelling movie. Whatever you read, this is NOT a horror film, it's not a monster movie ... it is an impressive hour and 32 minute character development that takes place in exactly one hour and 32 minutes of some twenty somethings lives.

Here is a list of reviews from the well known outlets:

Reviews of Cloverfield (4 out of 5 Stars)

In these reviews you'll see one 5 out of 5 which is VERY rare for any movie to achieve.

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