Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Reminder: Best Of Technology Writing 2008 Nominations Close Today

Today is the last day The University Of Michigan Press is accepting nominations for

The Best of Technology Writing 2008

Nominate your favorite tech-oriented article, essay, or blog post at

Here are some suggestions from my website and around the web:

Use Your Blog To Make A Business Expense Out Of Your Vacation
~ Fix Your Thinking

An "F" With Two Lines Through It Is An "A+"
~ Fix Your Thinking

Written Up, But Not Kept Down Part II: Eating Doing Class
~ Fix Your Thinking

The Top 7 Comments Every Popular Comment Forum Contains
~ Fix Your Thinking

Universal CEO Tries Being Candid And Scares Me
~ The Small Wave

Can Bloggers Be Journalists? A Federal Court Says Yes
~ Ars Technica

Origins Of The Blu-Ray VS HD-DVD War
~ Roughly Drafted

Deadline for nominations is January 2, 2008.

Yours truly was in the 2007 Edition linked below:

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