Friday, January 18, 2008

The Loudness Of Destruction

* Picture courtesy ENgadget

Via ENgadget:

Perhaps it's time to take extreme measures, as some owners have resorted to... like sticking a needle through the holes in the speaker enclosure. Yes, according to daring "modders," it's possible to get a 40-percent increase in volume via this simple-yet-destructive trick of perforating the thin plastic which covers the speaker. Apparently, the phone gets so loud post-surgery that the volume is actually startling to some users. Feeling like you're brave enough to really void that warranty?

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I have to admit I love the volume on the iPhone ... that is except when I want to share watching a YouTube Video or movie with someone or let them hear a great tune or two. I tried this "hack" and I was AMAZED at how well it worked. It will obviously be in an iPhone 2.0 revision.

I don't see how this could POSSIBLY void the warranty - how would someone looking at the phone even upon close examination even be able to tell?


Anonymous said...

You just took a regular needle and punched it through the speaker holes? I would LOVE louder volume. How far do you stick the pin?

FYT said...

I got my neighbor to punch it with the thinnest needle in the standard set that I had ... I had her hold it up to my ear so I could hear it punch just through the little plastic "cone" ... Does that make sense? I'll try to explain again if not.