Thursday, January 31, 2008

LOST Season 4 Premiere Tonight!

Don't forget that ABC premieres Season 4 of LOST tonight at 8PM EST. You can catch up on all three of the previous seasons by going to ABC.COM.

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Anonymous said...

I was going to rent the episodes on DVD until I found out that they were available on The quality is awesome and instead of having to watch three to five minutes of commercials at every break you only have to watch a 30-second ad. The stories are so intense, its not bad to have a 30-second break anyway.

Kudos to ABC for doing this; it is ingenious and I can watch episodes on my laptop with earphones and not have to spend $4.50 per DVD to rent it. Season One would have cost a least $30 to rent, so by the time I'm all caught up I will have also saved $100.

Lost is incredible. The conclusions of each episode is classic cliffhanger material and my understanding is that it gets better every season. I'm almost through with Season One and can't wait to get through the other episodes.