Tuesday, January 22, 2008

iPhone / AT&T Visual Voicemail Lawsuit Settled

As reported by Macminute:

Apple co-defendant settles lawsuit

A co-defendant with Apple has reached a settlement in a patent-infringement suit involving visual voice-mail technology used in the iPhone. "The company, SimulScribe LLC, said it reached a settlement with Klausner Technologies and has entered into a licensing agreement with Klausner to use its visual voicemail patents."

Klausner originally filed suit against Apple, AT&T, & other companies on Dec. 3 2007, seeking US$360 million in damages.

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It's interesting to see that Apple seems to be settling more since the Creative "iPod Menu" lawsuit was settled. I wonder if this means that Apple will just use cash in the bank to eliminate pesks like this in the future? I think this mentality ends up encouraging others to file wild claims against Apple in hopes of a settlement.


I am a lover of children's literature said...

I agree 110%! I hope that Apple doesn't give out the message that they are easy pickings? With 15 billion in the bank, it Apple would look very tempting to every two-bit huckster out there.

Apple paid an undisclosed figure to some music teacher for the 'mother of all- patents' - one that related to downloading anything off of the internet, and a lot of people thought Apple shouldn't have paid Creative anything since it had prior art.

After all, the wrong message can be one that is very hard to erase.

Anonymous said...

It's business. Microsoft pays huge amounts in settlements every year. They've been an easy target for 20 years, Apple is only lately becoming so. I have to believe the cost of settling is less than the cost of "winning".

Since no one will ever remember if a company "won" or settled, it makes sense to use the most productive path.

FYT said...

I agree Tom ...

BUT ... I have a patent that I expect Apple to infringe on soon or possibly another company I've done business with. (Really ... not kidding)

I am more inclined to sue Apple and work towards a settlement because Apple makes it VERY difficult to work with them ... their attitude is "in house only".

I hate patent and copyright law (in it's current form) ... but I must abide by it until change is made.

Apple (with money) is turning into what Microsoft is and was - "a silencer of the competition and critic" with hush money