Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How To Make iPhone iPod Touch Webclip Icons For Your Blog or Website For iPhone Users

I know that a lot of you have your own blogs that read this site ...

Make sure that you add your "iPhone / iPod Touch" webclip icon.

This sites "default webclip" button / widget looks bad so I'm working on my own to replace it if you decide to add this site to your iPhone's home screen after upgrading to iPhone / iPod Touch software 1.1.3.

Here's the tutorial I'm using:

Make an iPhone Webclip Icon

My current favorite icon looks like this:

So ... I will probably base it on something similar.

Kinda like this:

Since the words "Fix Your Thinking" won't fit ... rename it FYT on your iPhone or Touch when adding the this site's URL to your bookmarks and/or webclips.

Tom you can call yours "Small Wave"

Don ... call yours "2 ¢ 4 Day"

(LOL ... just suggestions)

For those of you that use blogger (like this site) there are a few extra steps:

Go here for additional tutorial information.

[UPDATE] Blogger HTML rules have been updated since the writing of that article, I had to add </link> tag to the iPhone / Touch widget tag.

I also found this website helpful because my domain is masked to

How to make a fav icon appear on a masked domain (ie a .Mac site)

If you want an iPhone icon for your blogger account make sure you are on your unmasked domain. For this website it's:

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