Friday, January 18, 2008

A Hidden Gem @ CES & MacWorld That No One Noticed, Not Even The Manufacturer

* The Ricoh 410DN Wireless Hotspot Printer

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and exhibiting at MacWorld Expo was Ricoh with their new wireless laser printer for wireless hotspots. What makes this printer unique is that it has a physical email address and can be emailed a document in html or word format and even be sent a webpage with the word "-print" following the URL and it will print the webpage or document.

THIS allows the iPhone to print ... pretty cool aye?

Ricoh wasn't promoting this (iPhone printing) at MacWorld Expo nor had they even THOUGHT about it until I mentioned it.

In email with a Ricoh rep,

Wish we had released the press release earlier so we could have promoted your idea better!

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I don't see why a printer driver or firmware patch like this couldn't be made for ANY wifi printer to allow iPhone printing ... this was a VERY clever implementation.

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