Monday, January 21, 2008

AT&T Launches iPhone Business Plans

AT&T launched business plans for the iPhone today.

To use the iPhone as a business customer, you must sign a 2-year service agreement, or a renew a 2-year service agreement, if you’re an existing AT&T cellular customer.

The plans are as follows:

$45/mo. 200 SMS. Unlimited Data. Visual Voicemail
$55/mo. 1500 SMS. Unlimited Data. Visual Voicemail
$65/mo. Unlimited SMS. Unlimited Data. Visual Voicemail

If your business requires you to travel internationally, there are Global Data Add-Ons for the iPhone that can be purchased for an extra charge.

$24.99/mo. 20MB Data Global Plan.
$59.99/mo. 50MB Data Global Plan.

Many websites speculate that this is a sign that MANY business software developers are prepping software for the iPhone; such as IBM releasing Lotus Notes for the iPhone.

The iPhone developer kit (called "The iPhone SDK") should yield some amazing implementations of both business and consumer applications.

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