Friday, January 04, 2008

Apple Faces Antitrust Lawsuit Over iTunes

Apple Faces Antitrust Lawsuit Over iTunes

As reported by MacMinute:

"... a San Diego-based law firm has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple for "illegally maintaining a monopoly in the digital music market by failing to support Microsoft's (MSFT) Windows Media Audio format.," notes Fortune. "According to the complaint, Apple controls 75 percent of the online video market, 83 percent of the online music market, more than 90 percent of the hard-drive based music player market, and 70 percent of the Flash-based music player market. Yet among the major digital music vendors, Apple is alone in not supporting Windows Media Audio. The suit estimates that Apple could license WMA from Microsoft for less than $1 million -- or about 3 cents for each iPod sold in 2005."

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This kind of sounds fishy to me. Why not wait until TWO WEEKS from now when MacWorld is over - oh ... I forgot ... most of these suits are bogus attempts at capitalizing Apple press releases as their should be quite a few come Keynote time. How much do you want to bet in his CNBC interview that Steve usually does that he gets asked about this?


I am a lover of children's literature said...

While we're at it, may I suggest that Apple sue Microsoft and all the other mpg3 players for not supporting the iPod and iTunes. Most of the music sites don't support iPods, so what are they complaining about?

Your totally correct: Something very fish going on here?

FYT said...

eMusic supports the iPod, Amazon supports the iPod, MANY MANY MANY artists websites have MP#s to download for the iPod.