Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Apple Announces MacBook Air - Laptop so thin you can use a manilla envelope as a case!

Quotes from Steve Jobs Keynote:

"It fits inside the envelope, it's that small. This is what it looks like, isn't that incredible? World's thinnest notebook. Magnetic latch, 13.3-inch widescreen display."

"This is the new Macbook Air, you can get a feel for how thin it is. There it is."

"Amazing product here, full size keyboard, full size keyboard, full-size display. Isn't that amazing?"

Unprecedented 0.16-inches -- the thickest part of the Air is still thinner than the thinnest part of the Sony TZ series. It's so thin it fits in a manilla envelope.

Jobs then proceeded to put the MacBook Air into a manilla envelope to demonstrate.

Has iSight camera AND backlit keyboard to boot!



• A bit pricey - starts at $1799. No brainer optional 64GB Solid State drive [Correction: $999 Addon]

• No optical, but cool new external Superdrive that I would imagine people will buy for other Macs too. Apple should promote this! New feature on MacBook Air called "Remote Disc" allows software installs via CD or DVD over Airport wireless.

• This thing is UNbelievably thin - almost impossibly thin.

• A slight compromise of a 1.66Ghz Core 2 Duo - kinda makes me worry that it will be on the low end by the time Mac OS X 10.6 comes out.

• I'm happy it doesn't have wired ethernet - I see lots of potential for my USB to Ethernet adapter!!!


Anonymous said...

SSD = + $999
USB -> Ethernet = $19

Anonymous said...

That should have been $29 for Apple's USB -> Ethernet.

And it looks like the optical drive and ethernet adapter are currently only available to order with the MBA.

Anonymous said...

The 64GB SSD is a thousand dollars, not 200.

FYT said...

oops you are right ... that's the 1.8ghz option ... still with the dramatic speed difference the SSD gives you vs the decreased processor speed ... I'd still make the $1000 leap ... I have an SSD in my current macbook and it truly is a difference between night & day

I am a lover of children's literature said...

You say, " YOU WANT IT!" Well you can add me me and 50-million other people to that list!

I haven't read all of the specs yet, but I was wondering if it had the 'motion sensor' as well, and the graphics? No doubt, the new integrated Intel chip, but I'm not sure?

FYT said...

It does have integrated graphics but they are much improved from the original iMac and original MacBooks 144mb(new) vs 64mb (old). They seem zippy BUT you can't imagine what the difference is in using an SSD vs HD is ... especially with the hard drive only being a 4200 rpm

Phurphuxake said...

•No user replaceable battery....


FYT said...

Phur ...

That being said ... It's NOT soldered to the motherboard so I can't imagine that someone like OWC won't intro a replacement battery ... in my 1.5 year MACBOOK ownnership I've taken the battery out twice ... It lasts long enough not to need a spare like the old days. I'm more concerned about how easy the hard drive might be user replaceable.

Paul Douglas said...

To put it simply, I want this thing. Bad.

Stupid name though.

And I'm still angry at Apple for charging me £12.99 for Home Screen Rearranging, Web Clips and Lyrics Support. FYI: I'm not paying. I don't want the apps.

Anonymous said...

The GMA X3100 on-board graphics with 144MB shared RAM was part of the last MacBook update a few months ago. Agreed that it was a pretty significant improvement,and should serve the MBA well.

As for the hard drive, it isn't just that it's 4200 RPM, it's _P_ATA. Geez. They still make those? :)