Thursday, January 31, 2008

And now ... Deep Thoughts With Philip Smith

Sent to me last night:

I'm sorry that you think I am selfish (I never said I wasn't); I don't think selfish and spiritual are mutually exclusive. Spiritual is definitely NOT perfect."

I wrote back:

"Spirituality is being open to the needs of everyone's heart and the spread of God's word / Selfishness is being open only to the desires of your OWN heart and spreading nothing but discontent amongst others.

The only commonality between the two words is that they both begin with "S". Spirituality implies "love". The word "spirituality" ends with "y" - which is also a question (why?). The question "why?" begs careful contemplation. The word "selfishness" ends with the sound a snake makes (ess). The sound a snake makes implies that you should be careful where you step."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What?? Could selfishness and spirituality BE any more opposite?

If someone is talking about the kind of "spirituality" that celebrities are always talking about then that is a different matter. That kind of spirituality is usually centered around aquiring good feelings about oneself and could definitely be equated with selfishness; in fact that is what it is usually all about.

If, however one is talking about true spirituality, specifically that which is taught in the Bible, then selfishness is in direct opposition to spirituality.