Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 Bloggies! Nominate This Site Or Try These Suggestions!

The 2008 Bloggies ARE OPEN to receive nominations.

This is the most prestigious BLOG AWARD a blog can receive. Whether or not you think this blog is worthy because of the content I certainly hope you found the crusade for fighting blog censorship and blogging as journalism that I have fought over the past two years. In 2007 I was able to secure a right - an actual constitutional ruling/precedent that should help bloggers for some time to come - my landmark decision should lay the foundation for respect for bloggers and prevent frivolous lawsuits against bloggers in the future.

From now until 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) on Friday, January 11, 2008, anyone can nominate their favorite weblogs.

That Sunday, January 13, three panels of 50 voters will receive an e-mail. It will list the weblogs that have received the most nominations in ten categories. They will have until 10:00 PM EST on Friday, January 18 to privately submit their five favorites (six for Weblog of the Year) for each category. The five (or six for Weblog of the Year) receiving the most votes will become finalists. I (Nikolai Nolan) will only vote for the panel in the case of a tie for fifth place. This panel is on an opt-in policy; there is a checkbox on this form for it.

On Tuesday, January 22, the finalists will be announced and voting will be open again to choose the winners.

Voting will close at 10:00 PM EST on Thursday, January 31. The winners will be posted sometime between Sunday, March 9 and Tuesday, March 11.

I personally nominated (besides this site)

MACRUMORS.COM Best Gossip Blog

ENgadget.COM Best Gadget Blog


TheSmallWave.COM - Best New Weblog

Make your nominations HERE!

* Don't forget to nominate a blog ONLY once in a category. You do NOT have to vote in all categories. Don't forget about your confirmation email


Anonymous said...

I am surprised that you would vote for Dilger, classic example of style over substance. Strip off the flowery language and all's left is circular logic and some vicious attacks on people he doesn't like...

FYT said...

Roget ...

I agree with you and disagree with you on that one.

Daniel does a great job with history of the Mac World - he also types a LOT OF STUFF. With a few accuracy errors I think he deserves a pat on the back.

He does attack people sometimes and I think he handles critique childishly.

I really learned a lot from his DVD WARs article that i didn't know.

Just what I voted for ... hope it doesn't sway a vote away from me for nominating him.

I am a lover of children's literature said...

I voted for the same sites as you - great minds think alike, I guess?

I also voted for you for the Best of Technology Awards - hope you win! I picked your article: "notes-for-bloggers-who-go-on-vacation."

Anonymous said...

On the surface he appears to be a serious writer, but if you check the details in his very long essays, you find unsubstantiated and factually inaccurate conclusions.

Makes sense he has written for iProng and AppleInsider...