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1-18-08 : The Day You Went To The Movies & Became A Part Of Movie History

Many of my regular readers know that I'm a huge movie buff. Some movies, I like to go to just to see if all the hype lives up to even a reasonable level of interest. For instance, I had no intention of seeing the movie "Knocked Up" - but after weeks of good reviews and the movie crossing the $100 million mark in the USA, I decided to give it a try. It ends up - it's one of the funniest movies I've ever seen.

Then there's movies like "The Chronicles Of Narnia" and "The Lord Of The Rings" - both books made into movies that I remember from my childhood. I'm not a big fan of the "Rings series" by the way, but I loved "The Chronicles Of Narnia". Sometimes, you can tell when you're at a movie, even before it starts that you are part of a box office smash and just being in the ocean of people watching the movie will make the movie better. You feel like you are a part of history.

"I went to that movie on opening night!"

The Star Wars series (both original & new) were certainly awesome opportunities to be a part of a cultural phenomenon; just seeing all the people in line dressed up and all the media hype surrounding it.

Then you have movies like "The Passion Of The Christ" which if you are a Christian - is the single most moving and compelling movie in history (in my humble opinion). It was an historical landmark in movie making on so many levels - controversially religious, incredibly brutal and gory yet you're able to watch it, and an international and US Domestic wide distribution that is not in a language spoken anywhere in the world at present. To go to "The Passion Of The Christ" was an experience like none other. It is the ONLY movie I have ever balled out in tears to in a movie theater - it's the only movie where I saw a man's flesh torn from his body (and I've seen a lot of that in horror films) and I came out of the movie theater feeling love and happiness that I am saved by my Lord, Jesus Christ.

Cloverfield (formerly titled 1-18-08 in viral marketing campaigns) is such a historical, "I was there type movie".

Uniquely and masterfully shot from the point of view of a camcorder being held by a best friend; Cloverfield is compelling even without character development. But ... don't be fooled ... this is no Blair Witch Project ... although I'm sure many reviewers will compare and say Blair Witch did it first.

I may be over-rating it slightly, but ONLY slightly ... this will go down as one of the greatest Monster Movies of all time. I'm not going to call it a part of my top 10, but it definitely is part of my Top 100 - which are just about all interchangeable with the #1 slot.

This movie begged two questions of me:

1) Would I be the one that people stayed around in time of disaster such as this?

My answer to this question is ... because of the type of person I am and people knowing me for my resourcefulness - I would say I would have about 25 people contact me or come to me instead of going immediately to evacuate or follow a military command to evacuate. This movie, tells you why maybe you should, and maybe you shouldn't follow "the resourceful person that everyone knows and likes".

2) Would you risk your life in such a horrific, never before experienced by any man; tradegy?

My answer to this was yes ... I would do anything to save my best friend, my wife, and my father, mother, and brothers ... ANYTHING. And the most compelling part of it all ... I would do it and not fail.

Expanding on question #2 ... this movie handles this in such a unique way that it is just incredibly compelling; yet terrifying.

The movie ends perfectly and unexpectedly in an atypical movie fashion. If I said any more on this topic it would give one of the best endings in movie history away.

The movie is PG-13 and leaves a lot of the "horror images" to the imagination just out of view to those watching.

A great horror movie is terrifying and then relieves the viewer with comedy. The comedic relief comes from "Hudson" - the best friend holding the camcorder.

If you haven't kept up with all the viral marketing for this movie, don't start before you see the movie ... instead go to the movie TONIGHT!!!! Then ... review the viral marketing campaign spread throughout the internet.

This is where I started when I first saw the movie trailer back in July:

The 1-18-08 blog.

This is a must see movie that I think lives up to any and all hype.

Link to Hi-Def Trailer on APPLE.COM:


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Anonymous said...

Favorite funny lines (paraphrased of course)

(While walking in the subway tunnels)

Hud: "Did you guys ever hear about that killer that set homeless people on fire?"

Rob: "No, and that's not what that sound was."

Hud: "Dude, wouldn't it be crazy to see a flaming homeless guy running down this tunnel?"