Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rumor: CompUSA Going Out of Business in January [Officially announced Saturday Dec 8 2007]

Rumor has it that CompUSA's holiday revenue is half what it was last year, store-restocking shipments are not being scheduled past February, and additional liquidators are being called in to help manage closure of the 103 remaining stores.

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[Officially announced Saturday Dec 8 2007]

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I've been hearing similar comments around the area - that my local CompUSA (while one of the best performing in the country) is hurting - mostly due to non-returning customers for the service department. My local CompUSA has lost it's Apple department twice for failure to meet minimal standards in keeping certified and competent Apple Technicians. An Apple Store is coming to my area soon and would all but kill the Apple sales in CompUSA any way.

What they've been called over the years: The KMart Of Komputers / DumpUSA / NoComplimentsUSA /ComplaintsUSA

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