Thursday, December 13, 2007

psx4all PS Emulator for iPhone Is Almost Complete

a PlayStation emulator for the iPhone, will be entering beta testing any day now. Promising to play around 75% of PSOne titles, there is definitely some work to be done on the touch controls (as seen in this photo), but from what the developer says, those nasty-looking outlines are quite different than what we'll see in the final product.

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---------- FIX YOUR THINKING COMMENTARY ----------

While something like this would NEVER be approved or sanctioned by Apple ... things are starting to look amazing for when the Apple iPhone SDK [Software Developer's Kit] hits.

I would love to play Playstation games on the go. I have a library of nearly 50 PSOne titles.

I was first in line at The MicroCenter way back when Connectix released Virtual Game Station for the Mac and played PSX games quite a bit on my Pismo laptop.

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I am a lover of children's literature said...

I'm not one for games including ones that the emulator would bring to the table, but if its true and it works well I think it would be a huge win for the iPhone.

Your right about what is coming to the iPhone from 3rd. developers. Developers are eager to develop for the iPhone and now that they can, it will cement the iPhone the way applications for Windows made it the number one OS - well, at least, in numbers, not quality or ease of use, anyway.