Friday, December 21, 2007

More Thoughts On The Think Secret Settlement...

An insightful MacRumors member states:


... although Apple didn't get the name of this leaker, they will most definitely get the name of the next one. When a request for a subpoena was decided against Apple, the judge didn't just say "No, you can't get the name". The judge wrote "In order to get the name, Apple has to take the following steps first:". This included things like lining up all the employees who could have leaked the information, and tell them either to declare under oath whether they leaked the information or not, or be fired. A very unpleasant thing to do. However, everyone at Apple knows that the next time there is a leak, this is exactly what will happen. And then Apple will go to the court, ask for a subpoena, tell the judge "Look, the last time you gave us a list of things to do before we can get a subpoena, and we did each one of these things". Apple gets subpoena, and then they either get the name, or things get very very costly for the rumours site.

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