Thursday, December 13, 2007

MacWorld Bloopers

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You really get to see why Phil Schiller will not be succeeding Steve Jobs as Apple's CEO. He's uncomfortable in front of audience (even still).

This video also contains my favorite blooper where Jobs just throws a crappy digital camera that isn't working off stage.

I really like to see Jobs say, "I don't know what it is, but it's awesome."

Doesn't the Sony CEO (as seen in this video) just illustrate why Sony has died over the past few years?


Anonymous said...

I can't say I agree with your assessment of Schiller. He was uncomfortable with the failing demo, but he couldn't just toss the PC off-stage as Jobs did with his camera. :-)

Truthfully, a failed demo is not necessarily the best time to judge, else Jobs would likely fail as well.

Schiller introduced the new Intel-based Mac Pros at WWDC and did an excellent job, in my opinion. He also introduced the new G5 iMac in Paris and did a great job there as well. Further, his participation and antics in demo after demo are excellent, and almost always show the feature being demo'ed in a positive light. Since some of the fatures are actually pretty mundane, I give him a lot of credit for making them look "new" and "exciting".

Finally, if Schiller shows such promise now, it can only be assumed he'd gett better with even more exposure. Jobs has had 30 years to polish his act.

Now, contrast all that with Ives, who some seemed to have elected as Jobs' successor. The man is all but useless in front of a crowd.

FYT said...

I've seen Ive in SEVERAL speaking engagements where he (Ive) talks on camera about the importance of design and fluidnesss. He's in the iPod introduction video and really seems to be in love with the product's usefulness - much like Steve Jobs looks past the money it makes him or will make Apple.

I don't base my opinion of Schiller on this ONE MacWorld ... I base it on several public speaking events - such as where he was out in the audience to demonstrate built in MacBook Pro iSights. - watch MacWorld 2005 again.

Anonymous said...

In the videos for the iPod, 2G iBook, and others, Ive is great. So is Schiller. So is Rubenstein. In fact, I really liked those promo introductory videos and wish Apple still made them. However, I never really rated any of these guys by on-camera time since it's easy to be cool in a small group and with the knowledge it'll all be edited.

Um, I liked Schiller's demo of the iSights ("Look, the world does revolve around me").

FYT said...


Phil's not bad ... he's just not great. His looks don't help him either - he reminds me a lot of Wozniak. It's the reason Steve Jobs - who's a good looking guy was the presenter and Wozniak was the programmer. Phil is great at what he does. Ive though looks like he would be an almost seamless transition with the same physical appeal as well as personal appeal.

Physical appeal matters ... many say that's why Bill Clinton was president and why Mitt Romney is doing well in his campaign.

Also, I think (Ive) can gloss over technical terms with statements of beauty ... schiller tends to be very "look, like, ok thanks"

Anonymous said...

Well, compared to Steve they all "suck". However, compared to the parade of Sr. Execs led on stage at various Macworlds from companies like Google, Yahoo, Starbucks, AT&T, EA Games, Microsoft, etc. Schiller looks great.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm amazed at the lifelessness of most of the bigwigs from other companies that go to Macworld.

As for Ive, he may kick ass, too, but I've never seen him in that capacity. He's reportedly shy, and I always thought the reason Apple never put him on stage is because it's not his thing.