Friday, December 14, 2007

For those needing to contact me this holiday season ...

I've had a lot of you wanting to contact me (readers, reporters, lawyers, whistleblowers)

Here is my contact information:

eMail: (use ONLY the capitalized letters) tRUSty@aPPPLE.COM (yes that's 3 P's, and no a)

Phone: (phonetically) ATE SIX FOR NINE OH FIVE TO SEVEN SEVEN FIVE (area code is upstate South Carolina - I always tell local people it's 905-APPLe the A-P-P-L corresponds to the last four digits of my phone number)

My ebay ID is: theapplepeople - where you could get all of my personal information if you purchased something minimal from me and then obtained my contact information through receipt.

Finally, your IP address can be masked with an anonymizer or you can email me from a Yahoo or Hotmail client from a public library. ANY post to this website is COMPLETELY confidential. All you have to do is post a message with your contact information. Furthermore, your cellphone has a feature where you can block caller ID. If you request such I will not even attempt to find out your identity unless you want me to know.

I will add all of this information to the contact page, BUT the best way to contact me is by simply leaving a message with your contact information here.

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