Friday, December 28, 2007

A Few More Small Thoughts On The Whole Think Secret Thing

Tom from The Small Wave writes:

•This was not a win (or a loss) for Apple. They believe trade secrets were leaked, but did not get the source. TS itself shutting down is irrelevant to them since there are plenty of other rumor sites anyway.

•This was not a win (or a loss) for Think Secret. Nick Ciarelli clearly wanted to move on, and took advantage of this situation to do so. If the rumors that Apple was going to lose were true then Nick would have fought if he wanted to run his site. He didn’t.

•This was a win, unfortunately, for those who sign Non-Disclosure Agreements and then break them. To me, that’s really the biggest thing to come out of this. The main issue is those who sign an NDA (or employee agreement stating the same) but lack the moral courage to honor it.

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I'm of the opinion that Ciarelli got nothing in the way of cash ... maybe EFF lawyers got paid and maybe ... just maybe ... THEY gave something to Nick as a small cut. Usually this amounts to $10,000; so no taxes have to be paid. I think the EFF was allowed to spin it however they wanted as part of the settlement, but Apple demanded the site never be pubished again. It's pretty clear to me that Apple had this guy pinned and didn't want to look like the bad guy crushing the little guy.

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