Friday, December 28, 2007

CompUSA Scam: Double The Price, Then Knock Off 15%

Announcements in store come over the intercom saying "fifty percent off", when in reality the items in question are 15% off. I heard several of these announcements, and I wasn't the only one that heard him say 50%. Clever use of near homophones. (via The Consumerist)

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---------- FIX YOUR THINKING COMMENTARY ----------

15% off is also usually a typical sale price. IE ... my local CompUSA has Seagate 320GB hard drives for $129.99 at 15% off = total cost of $110.49 + tax. Staples has this same hard drive on sale this week for $79.99 + tax.


Anonymous said...

That (raising the price then having a "sale") is illegal in Canada. Not that I'm Canadian, but it seems like a good law. We ought to have it here.

FYT said...

It should be in the US!

Another example is a logitech wireless keyboard for the Playstation. CompUSA sale price AFTER 20% reduction $71.99. Everyday Walmart price $69.88. Everyday Best Buy/Circuit City/Fry's Price $69.99

fishrfrndsnotfud said...

Show's you exactly why they are going out of business...I remember they cried foul in our area when Computer City went out of business and accused them of doing exactly the same thing. There's a reason people don't shop there.....