Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Best Of Technology Writing 2008: Nominate Me (If You'd like)

The University Of Michigan Press is now accepting nominations for

The Best of Technology Writing 2008

Nominate your favorite tech-oriented article, essay, or blog post at www.digitalculture.org/nominate.html.

Here are some suggestions from my website and around the web:

Use Your Blog To Make A Business Expense Out Of Your Vacation
~ Fix Your Thinking

An "F" With Two Lines Through It Is An "A+"
~ Fix Your Thinking

Written Up, But Not Kept Down Part II: Eating Doing Class
~ Fix Your Thinking

The Top 7 Comments Every Popular Comment Forum Contains
~ Fix Your Thinking

Universal CEO Tries Being Candid And Scares Me
~ The Small Wave

Can Bloggers Be Journalists? A Federal Court Says Yes
~ Ars Technica

Origins Of The Blu-Ray VS HD-DVD War
~ Roughly Drafted

Deadline for nominations is January 2, 2008.

Yours truly was in the 2007 Edition linked below:

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