Thursday, December 06, 2007

5 Odd Ways The iPhone Has Saved Or Made Me Money

From the beginning I knew that the iPhone was going to be the best purchase I had ever made.

I use my cellphone a lot ... I mean a whole lot. Not necessarily talking on it, but putting reminders in it, using it as a calculator, and a lot of times as a camera.

Concerning camera functionality, my last cellphone; a Nokia 6102i had the best camera for a cameraphone I had used to date ... I had started taking more pictures of things I saw out and about. Now that I have the iPhone I find myself taking pictures almost all the time ... sometimes 10 or more a day ... previously I'd be lucky if I'd take 10 pictures a month and that includes taking pictures for my eBay auctions.

Out With The Old, In With The New ...

A couple weeks before the iPhone launch, I put my digital camera up on eBay. I had gotten it about a year ago at the local jockey lot for $50. By adding a few cables and such to it ... plus a box I was able to find ... I got $215 for the package. I also sold my GPS for $275 (having paid $210 for it and using it almost a year.) And while I miss it a lot ... I've been able to get by with Google Maps. I also know that it's not only probable that Apple will eventually release a GPS for the iPhone; it's actually in the cards (and has been in development since the iPhone was first conceived.) I imagine Apple and AT&T will actually release a bluetooth solution. AT&T currently sells several bluetooth GPS receivers in-store.

* Navizon Software GPS for iPhone
* New Google Maps Feature Could Simulate GPS On iPhone

A Double Dip With The $100 Credit ...

So I originally paid $599.00 + tax for my iPhone. I received $485 from the sale of my "electronics to be replaced". Apple's generous $100 rebate to iPhone early adopters net me a free printer from the Apple Online Store when I placed an order for a customer. I sold that printer on eBay for $90. I effectively doubled that $100 rebate. At this point I'm in the positive since my iPhone purchase by about $40.

* Apple has a promotion called Perfect Companion where you can get up to a $100 rebate on printers purchased with Macs.

* I gave away one iPhone early adopter credit here on this website.

A Plan For Saving ...

My monthly Phone bill which had no data plan was costing me $149.99 a month. I was able to get a better plan WITH data for $99.99 a month. So far, over 4 billing cycles, I've saved $200.

The First Annual iPhone Review Awards ...

A few months back, I started doing eBay reviews. I noticed that it placed a neat little logo next to your seller ID. It kind of looks like an honor and anyone clicking on the "Top 1000 reviewer" got to see more about me. It gives me a lot more credibility as a seller, kind of indicating I'm a real person. Before the iPhone, I was a "Top 5000 Reviewer". After I did my thorough review of the iPhone, I almost instantly became a "Top 1000 Reviewer". For most all of my other reviews, I have about 15 or so helpful ratings ... but for my iPhone reviews I have 228 helpful ratings. In an eBay auction, my "Top 1000 Reviewer" award looks like this:

This looks like a special honor on my eBay ID, when really it's not. BUT, I have noticed a dramatic uptick in viewing my auctions and in bids I receive since I obtained "Top 1000 Reviewer" status - all due to my iPhone review. It would be hard to give exact figures on how much my iPhone review has generated in revenue for me.

I'm also able to list on eBay from anywhere at any time. I've been able to sell twice as many of my Mac USB to ethernet adapters since having my iPhone. I can also be at a store or a technology auction (where I acquire my eBay inventory to sell) and look up what prices to pay for the items (or if I should buy them at all) ... meaning I no longer have to guess at how much I will be able to make when I sell on eBay.

Increased 15 Minutes Of Fame ...

Just before the iPhone came out, I wrote a WikiHow article about Cellphone Contracts that was later featured on the front page of the WikiHow website and therefore on many many Google homepages. It is one of the top "How To's" on WikiHow. Having this reference on my site and on WikiHow increased my traffic during the week I posted it by nearly 10 fold. Again, it would be hard to measure the exact revenue I've received from this particular "iPhone related" item ... but I'm positive it is some as I have ADsense and Amazon affiliate links here. I get 1¢ for every visitor.

Another factor is just how much of the news here has been about the iPhone over the last year. I have had several articles on the iPhone on DIGG and many many aggregated on Macsurfer. The iPhone comprises about 30% of this sites information eventhough I have had this site up for more than 4 years.

These are just a few ways the iPhone has saved me money. I'm not even delving into all the various incentives from credit cards and rewards programs that I've saved with as well. The iPhone has completely changed my life by making me more organized and budget conscious than ever. So ... thanks Apple!

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I am a lover of children's literature said...

Wow, after reading your piece I now want an iPhone more than ever! Why, oh why, is it taking so long to come to Canada? Its not fair, not fair at all!

But on the bright side, by the time it gets here, hopefully, early in 08, Apple will have announced a 16 or 32 gigabyte version? Hey, you never know, you know?

Anonymous said...

I think there's bad math on this part...

"Apple's generous $100 rebate to iPhone early adopters net me a free printer from the Apple Online Store when I placed an order for a customer. I sold that printer on eBay for $90. I effectively doubled that $100 rebate."

You took something nominally worth $100 (the credit), turned it into a printer also nominally worth $100 (actually, probably $99), and then turned THAT into $90 in cash. So, rather than doubling the rebate -- which would provide you with $200 of value -- you turned it into $90 of cash.

Now, for many people $90 in cash has more utility than $100 in "store credit", which is why people sell discounted gift cards they receive as presents. But I don't understand why you think you doubled your rebate.

Just wonderin'...

Anonymous said...

He doubled it by also getting the rebate on the printer. $90 cash from the sale of the printer, $100 cash from the printer rebate. He paid $0 for the printer by using his iPhone rebate. He turned a $100 store credit into $190 cash.

FYT said...

Maybe I don't make it clear - Apple has a promotion called Perfect Companion where you can get up to a $100 rebate on printers purchased with Macs.

$100.00 check from Apple
$90.00 from sale of printer


Neil Anderson said...

I'm continually amazed at the quality shots coming from the iPhone's camera.

Anonymous said...

I have already sold my old RAZR, and my Video iPod. I also plan to sell the new cell phone I bought with AT&T's upgrade, and sell my Palm E2. The iPhone more than replaces all of these items and I expect to make a little profit as well. So, yeah, thanks apple.