Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Way Cool! Solar Powered Bluetooth Headset

ENgadget: Solar Powered Bluetooth Headset

From ENgadget
Incoming from the ridiculously obvious department: Iqua's solar-powered Bluetooth headset. We're not sure how much solar charging [ it will need versus energy drain from use ] (or whether this thing for sure has a battery -- although we can't imagine why it wouldn't), but one less minuscule gadget to worry about charging is just fine by us.


It hasn't been released yet and there's no set price, but it is about to go in production. I don't see why one of the big names Motorola, Nokia, Jabra, Sony) won't pick this up and rebrand it. I have to admit - charging my BT headset is one of the most annoying things about my iPhone (or any cellphone I have owned in the last 6 years).

I'm covered since I have short hair, but I wonder how this will affect women or men with mullets (and ear cover).

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