Friday, November 02, 2007

Seagate Offers Refund to 6.2 million for Hard Drive Capacity Error / Apple Computer Owners Take Note

As reported by ComputerWorld:

Seagate's use of the decimal definition of the storage capacity term "gigabyte" (GB) whereby 1GB equals 1 billion bytes, was misleading to consumers because computer operating systems instead report hard drive capacity using a binary definition of GB, whereby 1GB equals 1, 073, 741, 824 bytes -- a difference of approximately 7% from Seagate's figures.

In court papers, Seagate said between March 22, 2001, and March 31, 2007, the disk drive maker sold approximately 6.2 million retail hard drives in the U.S.

Once the settlement is approved, anyone who bought a Seagate brand hard disk drive between March 22, 2001, and Dec. 31, 2006, has the right to submit a mail in claim form for cash or software from Seagate by March 10, 2008, according to court documents.

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Mail In Claim Form (click here)

Don't forget this if you upgraded your hard drive in your Mac or Apple laptop. Also don't forget about external enclosures. Many hard drive enclosures have Seagate hard drives inside them. If they are easy to take apart - it's worth the quick check up.

Don't forget that MANY Apple computers come with Seagate hard drives in them. My MacBook Black has a Segate Scorpio 7200RPM drive in it and originally came with a Seagate Momentus Drive. These drives SHOULD qualify as well even though OEM.

Furthermore ... Apple users are forced to take the cash benefit. The settlement offers two solutions; 1) A Software benefit* that is PC only and a 2) Cash benefit. You will be better off taking the cash even if there was software being offered that was Mac compatible.

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Anonymous said...

This was a frivolous lawsuit. We all know that you don't get 20gb on a 20gb drive. Seagate drives are the best out there. You must be really scraping for cash. You need to fix your thinking.

FYT said...

Yes, it WAS a frivlous lawsuit ... but the suit IS OVER. This is the settlement. If you have Seagate hard drives you should take advantage of the cash.

Not taking it would be like my saying, I'm not taking the $100 credit for the Iphone.

Anonymous said...

It was a frivolous lawsuit, so why encourage people to take advantage of it? Look at it from Seagate's point of view. There is NOTHING about this that is similar in any way to the iPhone credit. Jobs wasn't obliged to pay that. He was avoiding a problem and buying goodwill.

Cut Seagate some slack!

John Davis

Anonymous said...

This is worse than a frivilous lawsuit. This claim was first raised and litigated in the 80's. I am ashamed of Seagate for settling this. The law firm suing got millions in legal fees for this fraud. We need tort reform more and more. Seagate settled for the $100 million or so, rather than take a chance at an ignorant jury awarding even more.
Note to WD, Hitachi, Toshiba and others... you are next.

FYT said...

That's NOT CORRECT ...

Seagate misstated FORMATTED capacity by 7%. Similar drives from other manufacturers FORMATTED at 7% higher than Seagate drives.

EXAMPLE: Seagate's platters on drives were 19.45GB not 20.48GB like other manufacturers.

This isn't the age old debate of formatted capacity being lower than platter capacity.

I want to repeat - I would not have participated in the Seagate class action, the case IS OVER NOW; so to refuse free money is idiotic.

Anonymous said...

fixyourthinking said:
"I would not have participated in the Seagate class action, the case IS OVER NOW; so to refuse free money is idiotic."

But this is not "free money." Someone has to pay for it: Seagate.

If you agree it was a frivolous lawsuit, then to force the company to pay you compensation is unethical.

Further, a large take-up will encourage similar actions in the future and allow law firms to justify their class action suits: "How can you argue that this lawsuit is frivolous, judge, when it's just like this other one which X thousand people participated in by claiming they were damaged?"

FYT said...

Again, this will NOT prompt other suits. It was a false advertising suit. It was not a "confusion over formatted vs unformatted" like you are indicating.

It IS FREE MONEY - Seagate will not be able to raise prices - they do and no one will buy their drives.

You are beginning to sound like you have Seagate stock or something.