Monday, November 26, 2007

Quote O' The Week

Steve Jobs (as revealed by Ralph De La Vega: CEO of AT&T in an ENgadget interview):

I think when we started negotiating with Apple and working, Steve's quote was, and I think it was a very smart one:

"This is such new territory for both of us, that we are both going to feel uncomfortable after we get this deal done."

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Ladies and gentlemen ... there's a lot to learn from that quote. That was pure genius to say that. Steve Jobs most certainly owns the title "greatest CEO of any company ever".

That was part reverse psychology - part truth and part hype; all without using any buzz words, catch phrases, or cliches.



I am a lover of children's literature said...

I agree, Steve is the best CEO ever! Not only was that a great quote, but, my all time favorite 'Jobian' quote is:

"Perception is reality!"

The more I ponder that quote, the more I realize just how true it is, and, at the same time, just how amazing and intelligent that Steve Jobs really is.

If I never attain to his wisdom and acumen, may I, at least, attain to a similarly size bank account as his! Actually, kidding aside, if anyone ever earned his fortune it was Steve.

Steve Jobs, best CEO Ever? You bet!

FYT said...

I agree completely about the earning the keep comment.

Bill Gates degenerated into a figurehead and is truly known for the art of stealing.

No company I know of has ever had a CEO that one couldn't say, "He's replaceable"

Anonymous said...

Too much hype! Jobs has been an excellent CEO, but the greatest ever? Not quite.

Read about Warren Buffett, a much greater CEO than Steve Jobs.